Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 451 - 452

A photo of Vapiano in Mannheim

This weekend we took it easy. In fact the only real adventure we went on was going out to eat in Mannheim. We ran into our CAM at the post office and invited her along as well. So the three of us headed out and ate at a place called "Vapiano" which has some great Italian food, cooked fresh. It's a little different than traditional restaurants. When you head in, you are given a card (kind of like a credit card) and you take the card to the cooks and make your order. They make your dish right in front of you and put all the expenses on the card. You can also order drinks and deserts from different locations putting all the charges on your card. When you leave they take your card and ring up the balance. The food is fresh and very good!

We spend most of Sunday just cleaning up around the house. I put all my TA-50 (army gear that was issued to me) together. I cleaned up anything that looked dirty and packed it all so I can turn it in this coming Tuesday.

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