Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lotta Driving - (Germany) Day 449

This morning I didn't go to PT, instead I picked up the chaplain in the TMP in front of his house. We headed off to Wiesbaden where the chaplain did his UMT training and I headed to the food court to do schoolwork. I stayed in there until 1000 when the library opened up. By that time I had my schoolwork done, so I headed to the library and played around on my iPad using the free WiFi. I headed back to the food court once again for lunch and then met the chaplain at the TMP at 1300.

We then headed to Landstuhl where the chaplain went in and chatted with the soldiers. While he did his thing, I just stayed in the TMP and took a nap while listening to the radio. We headed out at about 1600 for home.

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