Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Chaplain's Coin - (Germany) Day 441

The chaplain's challenge coin I was given 
(blurred out the name only because I don't use real names in my journal)

This morning for PT we headed to Patton gym, the normal folks did circuit training while those of us on profile headed into the gym for our own workout. I rode the stationary bike for some cardio since I didn't get much of anything yesterday.

I headed into my office and after checking the road conditions and weather reports, let the chaplain know it may be better if we don't do any traveling today. He was looking for an excuse not to make the drive up to Landstuhl today, so this was his way out. In truth it was snowing lightly outside and it was very icy with both Heidelberg and Landstuhl showing road conditions as amber.  So without any driving to do today, I concentrated on work I needed to do here. I started a new college class, so that was priority number one. I then moved on to studying some for my Apple re-certification. After that I did some SkillPorts so I can add them to my CompTia continuing education hours.

I headed home for lunch and then headed to the transportation office afterwards. I didn't go to see them, but just to pick up some of the required paperwork that must be done before seeing them. I'll fill all of that out and then swing by sometime next week to make dates for our household goods pickup. The rest of the day was the norm, just checking email and surfing the web. The chaplain came in at one point and said how much he appreciates everything I do for him. He then gave me one of his coins as a token of appreciation. I thought that was pretty cool, it is actually the first coin I've received since being here in Germany. While in Korea I received numerous coins, but it's been a different story here.

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