Thursday, March 14, 2013

IDES Appt - (Germany) Day 442

This morning I did not head to PT, instead I drove a TMP up to Landstuhl hospital for an appointment. I had an appointment at 0830 and left at 0630 even though the trip is only a little over an hour. The problem comes when you reach the hospital gate in the morning because traffic gets backed up pretty far. This morning it actually took me a while to leave because there was ice all over the TMP, so I had to get all of that cleared before leaving. When I arrived at the gate, I was in a long line for about a half hour!

I ended up heading straight into my appointment and only arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled time. A couple minutes later and I would have been late! The appointment was basically sitting down with a doctor and going over all my conditions. The doctor was pretty cool and was able to do a good job of going over everything step by step. We went from my knee issues to my head & neck issues. He had access to all my records at his computer and we went over X-rays and everything else while I was there. His job was to put together a consolidated list of everything that is wrong with me. This list will then be sent to the medboard folks in Ft. Lewis and the process will move on from there.

The appointment lasted until about 1030, then I headed to the food court and ate lunch. After lunch I headed to the TMP to take a nap before driving back. Nobody was expecting me back until 1400 and I didn't want to disappoint them. I ended up getting back a little before 1400 and headed to my office. I was able to do some schoolwork and then some SkillPorts before calling it a day.

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