Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow Again - (Germany) Day 440

This morning for PT we were supposed to go to Patton gym, but as I arrived everyone was being told to head back home, grab our dog tags, then head to the S-1 shop with our ID and dog tags because they are doing a PAI (Personnel Asset Inventory). This is a basically a process where everyone has to report, show their ID and dog tags, then sign next to their name. Why they chose to do it right when PT was about to start I don't know. So I head home, grab my dog tags, then head to Campbell Barracks which is where our S-1 shop is located. Once there they said it was changed to just a roll call, so after they marked me down I headed to Campbell gym to try and get a little workout in. Not too long after I started riding my stationary bike, our platoon sergeant came in and had everyone head back to S-1 once again. It seems that it wasn't just a roll call, it was indeed a PAI. So we all got in line and showed our dog tags, ID, then found our name on the roster and initialed next to it after verifying our personal information. We were then supposed to head back to the gym and finish our workout. This whole morning has been pretty stupid, I sat on the bike for a bit maintaining a slow peddle for about 10 minutes, then just headed home. Everything is so disorganized and lack of communication is rampant here.

It had started snowing when I had left to PT and it hadn't let up. It seems strange to have it still snowing in March. It continued to snow all day and it was worse up north. The Frankfurt airport cancelled a number of flights and the road conditions at Ramstein and other army posts were red. My day consisted of making a couple flyers for the chaplain, studying for my apple re-certification, and surfing the web trying to pass the time. My big mission of the day came when I headed to Subway and ordered 7 foot long sandwiches for a bible study lunch the chaplain puts on every Tuesday. Besides that I was pretty bored.

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