Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting Off Early - (Germany) Day 455

This morning for PT we formed up at Patton Barracks in civilian clothes. For some reason I went on auto pilot and headed straight to Campbell Gym. Once inside I realized I was in the wrong place and quickly drove to Patton. Luckily I left early enough this morning that I still arrived just in time. The normal folks did all kinds of strange exercises with SGT Steroids. Those of us on profile headed to the gym and when we came out the normal folks were finishing up doing leap frog over each other…I don't even want to know what else he had them doing.

I headed into my office and checked my email, surfed the web a bit, then did schoolwork. I did a couple edits on some paperwork for the chaplain, then headed off for lunch at home. After lunch I headed into the transportation office. The office had one person working and there were already two people in line before me. I waited almost an hour before being seen. Government efficiency at its best! Finally I headed up and gave the guy my paperwork and my orders. He gave me a couple more appointments that I had to attend and gave me the dates for pick-up. I had to head straight home and email the guy a copy of my registration for my motorcycle. I guess I was supposed to bring that as well because they'll be shipping it back.

I then was able to take the rest of the day off. The chaplain said that because we worked so late last night, I could leave at 1400 today. Even though transportation took longer than that, I still enjoyed the rest of the day off.

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