Thursday, March 28, 2013

Repeat - (Germany) Day 456

Last night I sent a text to our CAM asking about this morning's PT. She replied stating that there is no PT, instead there is LandNav and other various training in Landstuhl today. They are leaving at 0730 from the office. I promptly informed her that I'd be with the chaplain today. I've already turned in all my cold weather gear, and believe me it's still very cold outside. I also have no desire to do some stupid training outside in Landstuhl all day. So I'm glad I have my escape, which also made for a nice easy going morning with my wife as we both got ready together and left for work.

I headed into my office and unfortunately was in quite a bit of pain most of the day. The entire left side of my head, neck and shoulder were all pretty bad all day long and not even a generous serving of Excedrin throughout the day put a dent in the pain. I was able to check my email and do schoolwork in the morning. I headed home for lunch and then headed back into see transportation after lunch. I had to rebook my transportation brief because it was on the same day they are planning to come and pick up my unaccompanied baggage. (Unaccompanied baggage is shipped much faster than normal household goods, but is limited to 500 pounds). I was able to get this changed quickly and then headed over to housing to setup my final out date and arrange for government furniture to be delivered to use between the time they pack up our household goods and when we leave. I got an urgent call from our CAM saying that it's imperative that I update my SGLI (Life Insurance) today. I guess the battalion is making sure everyone's insurance has been checked within the last year, now it's an emergency that I get mine done.

I then headed back to my office and then to our S-1 shop where I updated my SGLI. The process involves the sergeant on duty to bring up my current statement, I look at it on the screen, say yes…keep it the same, then input my CAC card to digitally sign it. The process only takes a few minutes. When I got back to my office I then received an email from my boss stating that he needs training certificates for a bunch of the mandatory training we had to do. They did add a few new things, but most of it was stuff they just had us do. Luckily I saved all my training certificates on my desktop because this is like the third time I've sent them! I swear paperwork disappears all the time in the army. I had about 4 modules that were newly added that I needed to do, so I started tackling those. The training is so mindless and stupid, I don't know why they have added even more to our list of mandatory online training. I ended up getting a couple done before leaving for the day, I'll finish the rest tomorrow…I feel like banging my head against a wall!

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