Friday, March 29, 2013

Flyer Boy - (Germany) Day 457

This morning for PT we formed up at Campbell gym. The normal folks started their stretching as a group and I headed to the gym. Shortly after SPC JayZ came and asked if I could play basketball with them, the teams were uneven. So disregarding my better judgement I went and played with them. I love the game of basketball so much, that it's really difficult for me to say no. I told everyone I was not going to run, jump, or do much…other than be a body out there because I didn't want to hurt myself anymore. That is pretty much what I did, but of course you have to jump for a jump shot and I ended up getting bumped around a bit. I did a fast walk anywhere I went. I didn't think it went too bad, but my neck and head ended up being somewhat sore at night and throughout the weekend. At least it wasn't horrible, but I do think I need some stronger pain medication. The Excedrin is doing nothing for me now.

I headed into the office and after checking my email and such, I did some schoolwork and surfed the web until lunch. I headed home for lunch and then when I came back to the office I took a number of flyers for various events that the chaplain wanted to promote and hung them up all around the battalion. The chaplain wanted to increase the number of bulletins that are getting put out. I don't think it's that the word is not getting out…it's that people just don't want to attend the various events or their command will not let them. No big deal, I try and help him out as much as possible. When I arrived at the ComSec office, my boss wanted to take that time to go over my monthly counseling with me. He had me sign it and then asked me to print out my clothing record. All the NCOs have to go over each of their soldier's clothing and equipment. Luckily I turned all my crap in, so when I printed mine out it only stated that I do not have anything issued to me…pretty easy.

I spent the rest of the day in my office passing time surfing the web and playing games on my iPhone waiting for 1700 to come…and then the weekend.

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