Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 437 - 438

My wife giving a little money to a street performer in downtown Heidelberg
After that he posed with her for another pic :)

This weekend we decided to take it easy. We went for a trip last weekend and we're planning on a weekend get-away next weekend, so we used this weekend to just relax. This turned out to be a good thing, because my neck and head were not doing so hot. It seems I can take an entire bottle of aspirin with no effect. I resorted to a combination of aspirin, beer, and a muscle relaxer at night to dull the pain.

We did make it out to the flea market and then downtown Heidelberg for some food. We even made it to a car wash to get our filthy car cleaned up a little…at least until the next snow or rain fall. I also spent quite a portion of Sunday going through all my army gear to turn in. I have to turn in everything before I leave here as if I'm getting out of the army. This was a slow process that involved checking off each item from a list I had printed out. I also had a PDF that had a list of item numbers and pictures of the gear so I could figure everything out. Sometimes the name on the list isn't too helpful. I was able to find everything after a bit of searching…except one grenade pouch. Hopefully that will turn up, or else I'll have to pay for it. I also found that my med pouch was full of charcoal from when we had to do chemical exposure training and rub it all over our faces. Needless to say, some of the stuff required some cleaning. I cleaned a few pouches and my helmet cover in the sink, then threw them in the washing machine. Hopefully everything else will be clean enough for turn in. I'll try and get that done soon.

Outside a chocolate shop in downtown Heidelberg :)

I'm really going to miss all the different great beers here in Germany!

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