Monday, March 4, 2013

Garbage Day - (Germany) Day 432

This morning I arrived to PT at Campbell gym only to find out that there was a miscommunication and I do not have a PT test this morning. That was only for SPC JayZ who has to do one as a prerequisite to WLC. The normal folks went for a run off post in civilian clothes, while the profiles worked out in the gym. I rode the stationary bicycle and had a moderate workout. I didn't bring my headphones because I thought I was going to be taking a PT test…so I just couldn't get motivated on my bike.
It's Monday and that means garbage day. I met up with the supervisor and went over everything he wanted done. I started out by myself, but after about a half hour PFC Ski from the ComSec office showed up and joined me. With his help we were able to get quite a bit done pretty quickly. I had lunch with my wife and then finished up the regular garbage detail. Special duties today included taking down some advertising that some locals put up on the outside of one of the post fences (not allowed), and driving around the modified golf cart doing a police call around some fields. We finished up around 1430 and I headed home to rest a bit. I got a call from my medboard liaison here and she told me I will be heading to Ft. Lewis and will report on July 9th. This is good news and relieves a lot of stress from my shoulders. I will now be able to see my kids, my family and my friends back at home while I'm going through the medboard process.

I picked up my wife from work and then headed into town to meet up with a classmate from high school. It's crazy, but a person from my small town high school now lives and works in Heidelberg. We met up for dinner and chatted about how he ended up here…pretty crazy.

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