Friday, March 8, 2013

No More TA - (Germany) Day 436

This morning we had PT at Campbell gym. The normal folks did step aerobics while those of us on profile went to the gym and worked out. I did my usual weight machine routine, but it seems like it's not so usual anymore. Something always seems to be coming up on the days I normally do weights, so when I do end up doing them it turns out to be pretty tough.

I headed to work this morning and after checking in with the chaplain, I headed over to SATO. This is the travel agency on post that does both official travel as well as travel for fun. I brought the required 3 copies of my orders and was able to get my itinerary for my flight back home in July. I then headed to the out-processing center. My orders state that I needed to head there immediately upon receipt of my orders, but when I arrived they said to come back April 15th.

I headed back to my office, checked emails, and surfed the web for a bit. I then headed home for lunch. When I arrived back at work I did a little more revising of my "to do" list. I want to make sure I get everything done as soon as possible when it comes to getting out of here. With the post shutting down for good, it may prove to be a little difficult if I wait until the last minute to do everything. We received official notice that because of sequestration, the army is suspending all TA (tuition assistance). I have already signed up for my next class and actually planned on not resuming after that until I arrive in Ft. Lewis. Hopefully by then they will have the budget issues all figured out. TA is a great benefit to soldiers. Soldiers can use TA to pay for college while serving. It's free and soldiers can use up to $4,500 a year for this purpose. I've been using it quite a bit and now have only 7 classes left until I get my degree. I just hope I can finish it up before I get out.

I spent the rest of the day studying for my Apple re-certification and doing some general web surfing. Not a whole lot going on…just waiting to get the weekend started.

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