Monday, March 11, 2013

Prayer Breakfast - (Germany) Day 439

The guest speaker at this morning's prayer breakfast

This morning I didn't have PT, instead I helped out the chaplain with a prayer breakfast at 0630. The event was held at the hospital DFAC in a side room. I brought the bulletins and other paperwork…along with my camera to snap some photos. The event went fine, except there was no coffee available at the DFAC, how can you have a breakfast event without coffee. It turns out that by the time we left, they had the coffee machine working…go figure.

I headed home and ate my normal breakfast (cereal and yogurt) along with some freshly brewed Kona Coffee that my wife made. I then headed back into my office and took a nap after checking email. I then did a little studying for my apple re-certification before lunch. I met up with my wife for lunch at the food court and then headed back to work. I almost crashed my car on the way back because I saw a little midget with a long beard…he looked just like one of the 7 dwarves! I was trying to get my phone out to snap a picture while driving…not a good idea. Luckily I didn't crash, but I also didn't get a picture either.

Back in the office I gathered the paintball flyers and went around taking down the prayer breakfast flyers and replacing them with paintball flyers. Besides the prayer breakfast early this morning, that was the only thing I really did all day. The rest of the day was spent surfing the internet or playing games on my phone. I think most of the days are going to be like this until I leave this place. I start my next class in a couple of days, so that should help pass the time. I feel all the time that joining the army has been just a huge waste of time professionally.

The singer for this morning's prayer breakfast
The chaplain gave the singer an award during the prayer breakfast

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