Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recovery & PHA - (Germany) Day 212

A view at the hospital of the flag still at half mast 
because of the Colorado theatre incident

This morning I headed to bed after my staff duty and was able to sleep until 1300. I got up and proceeded to get ready for the day. I didn't have to head into work, but I did have my PHA (Periodic Health Assessment) appointment at 1420 I needed to get to. This is basically a physical that we have to make an appointment for each year. It shows up on our MedPros and turns red if we end up going over a year. The company does everything they can to keep everyone in the green, so if you fail to do so…then you'll get "a talkin' to".

The physical went fine. I went over the pain in my upper back, neck and head and also how progress has been with physical therapy. I also told the doctor about my knee. I've been having issues with it as well (I know…I'm falling apart). It's been throbbing non stop now for a couple weeks, but I have been unable to make an appointment…so I just waited for my PHA to take care of it. The doctor felt it, moved my leg around and felt the grinding, popping and crunching going on down there. He then told me to get X-Rays and then follow up with him. He also gave me some medication that is supposed to reduce inflammation and pain…we'll see. I also had my profile updated and extended. The doctor changed the "running at own pace and distance" to "can walk from place to place but not for aerobic activity. He is unable to walk far enough or fast enough to work up a sweat and the attempt may cause further injury to knee". Now I feel like I can't do much of anything for PT! I headed over and had the X-Rays taken, then picked up my prescription before leaving.

By the time I went home I had enough time to play a couple video games with my son before heading to pick my wife up from work. We ended up ordering a pizza from the bowling alley (good stuff)…and then the whole family bowled a game before relaxing for the night in the house and watching an episode of "American Horror Story".

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