Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Lot Going On - (Germany) Day 211

This morning's PT was on PHV once again which is always nice. After we formed up, we basically just did our own thing with each section sergeant. Our section just headed to the small gym on post. I worked out on a couple machines and then headed out with SPC Whirlwind for a fast walk around the post.

When I arrived to work it was just me and my boss there. Everyone else had appointments of some sort. I ended up doing some actual "ComSec" work. We had a couple customers come in and pick up their encryption keys. For my part as a ComSec clerk I had to update their paperwork, print it out and make sure they signed in the right places. This is the meat and potatoes of my job. I really can't imagine doing this for 3 years, but there is a chance when this base closes that I will move and do the job that I signed up for.

After it slowed a bit, I was able to actually finish my clearance paperwork and get it submitted. Now it is all in the hands of big brother. My friends, family and co-workers may get interviewed, then I will get interviewed...and then I'll find out if I get the clearance or not.

I took lunch as usual in my car listening to music and reading my book. I had another physical therapy appointment right after lunch, so I headed there and proceeded to do the therapy. I always enjoy the ending of my physical therapy. The "shock therapy" (IFC) always feels a little strange. In fact it can feel a little different each time I have it done depending on where they place the devices on my back. Today they were a little higher on my neck and as it caused my muscles to contract it would slightly cause my head to turn back and forth. A strange sensation having your muscles do things without your control. I then get a neck massage from the therapist which feels awesome. By the time I leave that place I'm feeling awesome...at least temporarily I'm feeling no pain which is great, because it seems I'm always in some sort of pain most of the time.

I headed back to work and sat around for a bit because there were no computers available. I inventoried a safe with SPC Whirlwind and then ended up leaving work a bit early to head to staff duty at our battalion office. I came prepared with my laptop, my hard drive full of movies, and my iPad to read from. I'm working with our old platoon sergeant who is a pretty cool guy.

The shift was pretty laid back. I went home for dinner at 2000 until 2300. We ate dinner and watched "Man on a Ledge". I then played a couple of video games with my son before heading back. It kind of sucks that I only get to see my family for a few hours tonight, but that's better than nothing I guess.

Besides the little annoying fact that staff duty has to play janitor for the S-1 & S-3 shops, the shift was pretty uneventful. I watched UFC 147 which was in Brazil and actually had the finals for The Ultimate Fighter Brazil on it. Rich Franklin and Vanderlei Silva fought in the main event which was a pretty good fight. I've enjoyed watching Vanderlei since his days as the Pride Fighting Champion.

I took cat naps when I could though out the night and finally when 0900 came I was able to leave. I felt somewhat like a zombie as I made my way home and into bed.

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