Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Long Day of Training - (Germany) Day 206

This morning's PT was what I think we should do a lot more of. Even though I couldn't participate, I think it's the best way to get a good workout and have fun as well. I did participate in the warm up and some of the push-up and other exercises to get everyone ready. Then everyone played touch football. Every time there was a score or turn-over, the other team had to do 30 seconds of intense exercises. It was fun and it gave everyone a good workout.

Once at the office we did sergeant's time training. Again it was (almost) all on what I consider useless stuff. How to call in a medivac when in battle, how to use hand signals, and general radio etiquette. The only class that was useful was one on viruses and firewalls…stuff that everyone can put to everyday use. Right after training I was told I have 20 minutes to eat my lunch because I'm heading to the company in Landstuhl. WTF? I hate last minute crap like that.

I ate my lunch and then headed off in the TMP with another soldier people call "The Haitian Sensation" and our platoon sergeant. Landstuhl is about an hour away and is where our company headquarters is located. We drove up there for a "training meeting". This is attended by all the platoon sergeants, the first sergeant, and the company XO. Me and The Haitian Sensation were told to go so we could "experience" the meeting. We were the only soldiers there for this "experience". I get why they wanted us to go, but I was still a little pissed with the whole situation.

I did learn some things during the meeting. They have this meeting weekly and go over everything that is going on with the company. The calendar of events, everyone's status with PT tests, the over weight program, weapons qualifications, passes, leaves, awards…they go over it all. It was interesting to see how the process is done and how these people see things from their point of view, then how their decision making process affects everyone. It's all a numbers game and all the E-4s and below are just numbers that either make a good or bad percentage…or fill needed slots. The entire process just reaffirmed my decision that there is no way in hell I want to be an NCO…or even reenlist to stay in the army.

We finally left a bit after 1600, which had me back to the office at about 1730. I was able to call SPC Whirlwind and have him pick up my wife from work, so she wouldn't have to just sit and wait for me there. No news for the night…we had family dinner and I finished up watching UFC 148 while the kiddos video chatted with their friends back home.

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