Monday, July 23, 2012

A Dose of Monday - (Germany) Day 210

This morning's PT was a run off post in civilian clothes. Those of us that are on profile walked about half the distance and then came back. As we were in formation they moved all the flags down to half mast because of the shooting at the Batman movie back in the states…what a tragedy.

Work started off a bit slow today. All our new computers never received any updates…something was configured wrong because they were all in quarantine, which forced everyone to just sit around and chat with each other for most of the morning. The IMO finally made it over and started performing the required updates, then he was able to start getting them out of quarantine. That made for a pretty boring morning.

I spent a little time before lunch filling out an online form with all kinds of personal information to get the investigation started for my clearance. I got about a half hour done before heading off to lunch. After lunch I got another half hour done before I had to go to physical therapy. There was a backup at the physical therapy office, so it ended up taking me about two hours instead of the normal which is about one hour. I was glad I went though, because starting from last night I was in some serious pain, my head was pounding and my back was sore. At the end of the physical therapy they apply heat and also give me "shock therapy" before doing some manipulation and finally a little upper neck massage. By the time I left I was feeling a lot better.

Back at work I worked on the online form some more until it was time to go. I headed home and had dinner with the family. By the time I got home my back and head were starting to hurt again…lucky me. We watched "Red Tails" which came via Netflix. I was actually expecting a bit more from the film, but it just seemed a little flat. I can't quite place my finger on it, but it turned out to be just an "OK" movie.

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