Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up (Unofficial 3-Day) - (Germany) Day 194 - 196

Saturday: This morning of course we slept in, then had our traditional "big breakfast". Once a week when we have the kiddos we make sure to have pancakes, bacon and eggs or some other treat instead of the usual cereal.

We headed off today to show the kids downtown Heidelberg (Altstadt - the old city) and then head to the castle. We drove down and parked at the Parkhaus which there are a few of within walking distance. The kids took everything in…the history, the vendors, the shops, and the people. Unfortunately there were not a lot of street performers out, but we'll see them next time I'm sure.

We went to the old bridge which offers a great view of the castle, then we headed to the bergbahn which is a unique "train" that takes people up the hill to the castle, which the kiddos thought was pretty cool. We then toured the castle inside and out before making our way back down the hill. We ate dinner outside at a table in the square of the church of the holy ghost. I love eating outside, we have the view of the castle and it's always fun to "people watch".

The day wrapped up with us heading home and watching "Midnight in Paris" which my oldest daughter really wanted to see. My kids can't wait to visit Paris and this movie shows a lot of Paris. It also has Owen Wilson who we all like.

An aerial view of the Hockenheim Aqaudrom...a large indoor/outdoor water park

Sunday: Today we headed out with SPC Whirlwind's family to the nearby town of Hockenheim to visit the "Aquadrom" swimming pool. The place is pretty cool and offers a variety of swimming pools. There is a wave pool, a salt water pool, a lap pool, a couple slides, a regular diving board along with a high dive. The pools are located both inside and outside and for 20.50 euro we were able to purchase a family day pass, which isn't too bad. The kids had a blast and were so worn out by the time we left, they all slept for the rest of the day at our house. This isn't going to help them get used to the time change!

Monday: Officially it's a work day, but I got the day off. I reminded my boss that our commander said we would all get a day off for all the time we put in for the change of command ceremony. Everyone else got their day off except for me, so I decided to collect today. To tell you the truth I didn't think I would ever collect, but as luck would have it, I was given the day off.

I took my wife to work and then hung out with my kiddos all day. I took my daughter in to get her EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) screening done today. This is the next step in getting her command sponsorship paperwork done. I was told I could just walk in, so I headed in after lunch. Once there we found out that of course, there are 3 other steps that need to be done before they can do the EFMP screening. Step 1, go to TRICARE and get a mini-registration done. Step 2, Schedule a physical for my daughter. Step 3, get the physical done and the paperwork signed, then I can go back to EFMP. The guy told me that we can do the mini-registration in the building next door at the TRICARE office.

We head over, sign in and wait to be called. A few minutes later we get called and head up only to find out that all mini-registrations are done at another post. My daughter was getting frustrated and I just laughed and told her this is how everything goes when I try and do anything in the army. We went to the other post and she did get her mini-registration done. I then headed home and we were able to schedule the appointment for the physical this Thursday.

I picked up my wife and we all had family dinner together and then watched a family movie together. I only wish I had the next 5 weeks off as well, but unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow.

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