Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Germany) Day 208 & 209

A view down the street of the Speyer Cathedral

Saturday: Today we decided to check out the city of Speyer. SPC Mac recommended it to me and after a little research we were ready to go. Speyer is about 40 minutes from our house via car. We headed out and once there found a parking lot downtown. We walked down the main pedestrian area of Maximilianstrasse. There were a number of vendors and of course some great architecture to look at. The street ends at the Speyer Cathedral, which we checked out. We then walked down to the other end of the street to find the Altportal (old gate) which is actually one of the tallest and most important town gates in Germany (according to the literature). What we liked was the ability to climb the stair to the top to get a great view of the city.

We then headed to the Technik Museum which is housed in a former aircraft hanger. It is full of everything from cars, trains, motorcycles, and of course planes. Outside of the hanger you can go inside the planes, helicopters, boats, and even a submarine. It's a great hands on museum, which the entire family enjoyed.

Inside the Technik Museum

Outside the Technik Museum

Sunday: Today we headed to the Ramstein air base to let the girls do a little shopping at their large PX. We then were finally able to watch "The Avengers". Even after being out for a while the theatre was packed. I'm glad we purchased tickets early and arrived early as well to make sure we got 5 seats together. Everyone enjoyed the flick and then we headed to a place called Big Emma's not too far from the base. It serves outlandishly large portioned dishes. My kids had hamburgers bigger than their heads. It was pretty funny to see the looks on their faces when they brought them out.

My daughter with a piece of her hamburger at Big Emma's

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