Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Computers - (Germany) Day 197

This morning's PT was a little different. They finally decided to officially split those of us on profile and those who aren't. Those of us on profile, the ones who failed their PT test, and those who are on the overweight program all headed to the gym. We had one NCO who worked with everyone's weak areas. Those of us on profile were allowed to do what we could to get a good workout. I ended up doing the rowing machine for the entire time. I think I'll finally be able to actually get a decent workout each day now if they keep doing this.

I was in some serious pain for some reason today. I took the pain relievers I was given, but they didn't do anything really. I spent the morning getting army paperwork out of the way for the upcoming four day weekend…weekend checklist, 4-day counseling, and POV (Personally Owned Vehicle) inspection. A staff sergeant then arrived with a truckload of new computers. We helped bring them in and he started methodically exchanging them one for one with each of our existing computers, that should bring a little speed bump for us.

I headed to lunch, but it was a bit too hot in the car. I ended up going to the food court and reading my book over there. Unfortunately I couldn't really sleep in the food court though and I was dead tired.

Back at work I hung out for a bit before heading to my physical therapy follow up. The doc checked out my back and asked how everything was going. I told him I think the therapy doesn't hurt and the profile seems to be keeping me from getting the extreme headaches (except today). He extended my profile another month and my physical therapy sessions as well.

I headed back to work and checked out the new computers…they are a bit faster, quite a bit faster. I then helped one of our NCOs make a couple changes on some memos. Because our NCOIC is leaving, it seems that almost every memo has to be changed to update names and such. That was the extent of my work today.

I headed home and watched 21 Jumpstreet (the movie) that we received via Netflix today…pretty funny. I never watched the TV show, but you don't really need to in order to enjoy the movie.

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