Monday, July 2, 2012

Destruction Day - (Germany) Day 189

With the Eurocup going on you see a lot of cars with German flags
 on them...this guy went a bit overboard!

This morning's PT was a run off post in civilian clothes for everyone except those of us on profile. Normally we would go for a walk off post, but we were able to talk the platoon sergeant into letting us do spin class. So instead of just doing a walk for a workout, we actually got a good cardio workout without breaking our profile..finally a little common sense.

I headed to physical therapy first thing in the morning instead of work. I did the normal exercises working my neck and back muscles. I then got some heat and the shock therapy (IFC) done and I have to say by the time I left I was feeling pretty good once again. This was my last scheduled session, my next step is seeing the physical therapist doctor for a follow-up session.

Back at work I was able to jump on the computer for a bit and check my email. I received back my EFMP form from our S1 unit. I can now move on to the second step of getting everything done for my daughter to get command sponsored so she can stay here in Germany with me. I'll have to take this form to a medical screening and have a doctor sign off on it.

After checking a couple articles out online, it was lunch time. I headed out to my car and listened to music while eating lunch and reading my book. I'm still on the 2nd book of the Game of Thrones series "A Clash of Kings". The book is good and is a great way to pass the time during lunch. I can't wait until next season's television series to start, by then I should have finished the series.

After lunch I was given a big pile of ComSec paperwork to destroy. At the end of each month we have to destroy a bunch of outdated crap that is taken out of the safe. The good news is that once it's gone, there is less to inventory. The bad news is that they keep sending us crap to put in the safe. I shredded all kinds of crap for a good half hour. I then updated our database so it would correctly match what should be in each safe before starting inventory.

Once that was done we thought we would be done for the day, but a problem with the alarm in the vault caused everyone to stay. We were told that if they can't get someone to fix it, that we would have to have someone stay and pull guard duty all night…and every night until it's fixed. Now that would suck, especially since my kids will be coming tomorrow. Luckily a contractor was able to come and fix it, and we all only had to stay until 1730.

At home my wife and I enjoyed our last quiet evening together…the calm before the storm when we are invaded by three kiddos!

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