Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Driver - (Germany) Day 198

There was no PT for me this morning. I came to formation in my ACUs so I could be the driver for SPC Mac. He had a doctor's appointment at the hospital in Landstuhl which is about an hour away. After accountability, we headed off and got the TMP ready to go…then headed off about 0700. The drive was uneventful and made it there without any issues. I volunteered to do this yesterday because SPC Mac is a good guy and it's always nice to get out of the office.

I took my iPad with me and sat in the waiting room reading while he had some X-Rays and MRIs done to his ankle. By the time we left he was wearing a large boot to keep his ankle in place because they found he has a stress fracture.

I drove under the speed limit on the way back, because I had no desire to go back to the office. SPC Mac is an older guy like me who joined late in life and we both had some good conversation on the way home about our unhappiness with the army and this unit. We both have no plans of staying in after our first contract is up. Both of us do not do the job we signed up for and can't believe all the stupid details we do instead. Mostly all the stuff I complain about in this journal on a daily basis.

When we got back I had just enough time to check my email and surf the web for a few before heading out for lunch (my iPad in the food court). Back at work I headed over to our S2 shop to talk to our head security guy. I'm in the process of getting a clearance which will involve a lot of paperwork and men in black suits interviewing everyone I ever knew to find out if I'm a psycho or a terrorist. We spoke for a while about the paperwork I filled out, then we BS'd for a while about our travels in Germany…the various vacation spots to hit…etc.

Back at work I surfed the net for a while, then had to inventory one safe before the end of the day. Home with the wife and the kiddos consisted of a family dinner and the movie "Act of Valor" which I had been waiting for. The movie had great action scenes which were very realistic, I'm guessing because they were filmed with real SEALs. The downfall of the movie is that the actors are real SEALs, so their acting leaves a little to be desired. A movie I would recommend though…just for the action scenes.

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