Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Gotta Pee - (Germany) Day 163

A quick (and blurry) shot I took during our pee test. You can see 
one of the soldiers that just came in with his pee...holding it high.

This morning's PT was a run to the stairs, up the stairs and down the switchbacks…for me though it was a walk, which I'm glad. My back is still sore and tender. I can't imagine trying to run right now.

Work started normal enough, I checked my email and surfed the net a bit…then let our new guy on the computer to do the same. I hung out a while on the maintenance side of the office talking to them. I didn't really want the auditors coming out and asking me any questions. I then got trained with the new guy how to prepare a box for shipping ComSec material. There are a number of rules, special tamper proof tape that is used…etc. At lunch time I ate in my car and took a nap.

Back in the office I surfed the web a bit, until our NCOIC asked for two people that weren't doing anything. Since I really can't say that surfing the web was of any importance I got up along with the new guy. We had to clear a few shelves of boxes, break them down and take them to the recycling dumpster. I didn't really mind because it had me doing something. I did take my time though, only because I hate doing nothing in the office. I took my time carrying the large bag full of boxes to the dumpster. I then took my time strolling back to the office. On my way back my boss was outside smoking, so I stopped and talked with him a while. I then headed over to the post office to get my mail. When I headed out everyone was outside telling me to hurry up…we gotta go pee.

It turns out that from a "random" selection, almost our entire office was selected to take the test. I didn't mind, in fact I welcomed the chance to stay out of the office for a while. As we waited in the waiting room to go pee, I sat on the floor and played some "Plants Vs Zombies" on my iPhone. When almost everyone was done, I got up and took my turn to go pee. The process is the same every time. I check to make sure my social security number is correct and my name is correct on the label. I then initial the label. I check to make sure my bottle is empty and then get escorted into the bathroom. I fill up the cup under the watchful eye of an NCO, then return with the cup in one hand making sure to hold it high. I guess this lets everyone see it and so you can't make a switch or something. Once back you watch the administrator put the label on your bottle and you sign a piece of paper. All done…all the samples then go off to get tested to make sure we are not doing any illegal drugs.

I took my time walking back to the office, cleaned up and then inventoried a safe. We then were released about 1730. I guess that's not too bad for a week that we are getting audited. I picked up my wife and we headed home for a night of the usual rest and a few TV shows. Hoping my back keeps getting better.

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