Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Laugh…Even a Little - (Germany) Day 183

This morning's PT was pretty much nothing…once again. Our PT test was moved to tomorrow, so everyone that is doing the test tomorrow formed up and just did some stretching. The new platoon sergeant came to our formation and was telling everyone the times for tomorrow's formation. He then said to make sure if we are on profile, to bring our profile. He stated that technically that shouldn't be a problem because we should have it on us at all times. This made me laugh and I then looked at my summer PTs wondering where I was supposed to hang on to a profile. That was the wrong thing to do. The platoon sergeant (who everyone already calls Drill Sergeant B) got pissed off and asked me if I thought that was funny. Then he had me get out of formation and see him in the back. He gave me a stern talkin' to for a bit about respect and such. I told him I'm sorry and I didn't realize our shorts had a little teeny tiny pocket that we can put small items in. He's just one of those guys that acts like a drill sergeant all the time and always seems pissed off.

We all headed home after stretching which was nice. I was able to spend a much slower paced morning drinking coffee and getting ready. I was even able to watch the news for a bit before we headed out!

The morning was one of the usual ones where I sit in a chair and look at the wall because there were no computers available. I did this for about a half hour until it was time for a required meeting for all E-4s and below with our new platoon sergeant. He went over his expectations and everything for the platoon. He assured everyone that he "hated everyone equally" and would not play favorites. He's going to be a swell guy to work for.

By the time the meeting was over it was almost lunch time, so a few minutes back in the office and it was time to head out to my car to listen to some music, read my book, and eat my lunch. After lunch I was able to jump on a computer for a bit to check my email and such. I am the sponsor of a new soldier coming later on this year. He had sent me some questions about the place and the unit. I tried to fill him in as best as I could. The problem is that with the base closing, there is going to be a lot of personnel shifting around. Nobody's even sure if new people will be coming here or heading straight to Wiesbaden. There is talk of even having people bussed to work back and forth to Wiesbaden…now that would be a little crazy.

I had to add a new item to one of our safes, which meant that I had to open the blasted thing. Once a safe is opened, we have to do a full inventory before closing it again. This takes about a half hour or so. I then had a bit of time to surf the internet and pass the time until we were released a little after 1600.

I picked up my wife and we headed home. We ate dinner and called the kiddos to say hi. We then watched a movie called "This Means War". A chick flick that came via Netflix about two CIA agents that are both after the same girl. It had some funny parts and was a decent movie…for a chick flick.

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