Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bombs! - (Germany) Day 164

McLovin during our training. He is in the process of searching one of our sergeants.

This morning's PT was muscle failure for everyone, but I headed to the gym to ride the stationary bicycle. My back is still sore, but is improving daily. I've been doing some stretching and other minor exercises given to me by the physical therapist. I think I may improve, but I can't see myself ever being able to wear the body armor, ruck sack, or do runs & sit-ups without being in a lot of pain afterward. I guess we'll see how it goes.

The work day started with sergeant's time training since it is Thursday. I never really have any desire to attend most of these training days and today was no exception. We went through the process of escalation of force, basically what to do if you are standing guard and someone is approaching and is threatening. We then went through how to search them after taking them down. We went through the lessons and then did a few scenarios with everyone going through the process.

We then went through how to search a car and the different things to look for. After that we ran though a bunch of scenarios using each of us to practice. We do have to pull guard duty as part of a rotational basis, but we don't actually do anything. The contracted gate guards still do all the work and the people on guard duty just stand there all day.

We then broke for lunch and I headed to my car as usual. After lunch I headed into the office and did the normal routine of basic office work…checking email, answering phones and any other odd jobs that come up…and of course surfing the web to pass the time.

We couldn't check the safe until the auditors were finished. We finally ended up getting out of work about 1815. I headed to get my wife and then headed home. Once on our road we saw an MP blocking the way. He asked us which building we lived in and after we told him, he said we could park on the main road and walk to our building. It turns out that EOD (the army bomb squad) was "clearing some WWII era Unexploded Ordinances collected by a soldier and stored in his quarters on PHV". Are you kidding me? There were some comments after this message was put out that some soldier was running around with a metal detector and finding WWII era bombs and crap. The people in the actual building he lived in actually couldn't go in their building at all. Luckily the local restaurant offered to serve them free food and the bowling alley offered some free bowling and free pizza to those who couldn't go home. I wonder what kind of trouble this soldier is going to be in?

We then started to watch a movie only to have our power go out after getting about 20 minutes into it! (We found out later the power outage was due to the weather and not because of the unexploded ordinances found earlier as some had wondered) Grrrr….so we ended up watching a movie on our laptop…the power finally came back on shortly before we decided to turn in for the night. (The reason I'm a little late getting this post up)

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