Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Day Same O'l BS - (Germany) Day 170

An odd sign I saw while driving in Heidelberg. Not sure what
it's promoting other than a standing 69???

This morning's PT was muscle failure. We went to the gym because there was a light rain coming down. The guy leading PT had everyone doing all kinds of crazy things like crab walks, bear walks, fireman carry...etc. The problem was that those of us on profile couldn't just go do our own PT such as riding a bicycle and getting a real workout. Instead we did whatever exercises we could. It turned out we did a lot of walking back and forth across the gym…pretty lame. I did try a few things and ended up tweaking my back…I'll be paying for that the rest of the day.

Work started at 0900 as usual and there were not enough open computers, so I ended up sitting in a chair staring at the wall drinking my coffee. At least when I'm at a computer I can read the news or do something to pass the time. Drinking coffee and looking at a wall just plain sucks…well I guess it could be worse, I could be staring at a wall without drinking coffee.

I finally jumped on a computer when SPC JayZ went out for a smoke break. That helped pass the time until I was called back into the vault to help check a spreadsheet. I had to verify all the information was the same on the computer as on the print out. By the time I was finished…it was lunch time. Time to get out of the office, eat in my car, listen to music, read my book, then take a nap. My new highlight of every day at the office.

After lunch we had new folders to move all our customer's paperwork to. Each of our customers has a folder and each folder has several tabs with various information all kept in a certain order. We had to transfer all the paper to new folders with new cover sheets. This is my job…my job as a 25B Information Technology Specialist. I don't even need a computer to work in this office.

I had to submit more paperwork for my pass request. I had to submit a copy of my current MedPros status. This shows a red or green light for all your medical conditions. I also had to submit my weekend checklist for this weekend. Some more paperwork that makes us feel like we're getting babysat. I have been using a generic phrase in the past just stating that I'll be spending time with my lovely wife in the greater Heidelberg area. Now I changed it to an even more generic statement saying I'll be spending time with my lovely wife within a 150 mile radius. You see, we have to stay within a 150 mile radius, or else we have to put in a pass. I have no idea yet what we'll be doing, so I figure this will cover it. I think I'll keep that as my statement from now on. We also had to have one of the NCOs come out and do an inspection of our cars because it's a 4 day weekend. They go down a checklist making sure your lights work, your flashers, and various other items. I'm 38 years old. I can handle checking my own car and if I end up having something wrong…it's on me. I can take responsibility for it. Instead we get treated like kids…and I just have to play the game and go along with it.

We left for the day after cleaning up. I picked up my wife and headed home for some quality time with my honey girl.

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