Monday, June 4, 2012

Adventures with the UMT - (Germany) Day 161

A look at the train coming down the hill. This special train gives passengers 
a ride to the top of the hill...almost straight to the castle. 
5 Euro for a round trip ticket and entrance to the castle...not too bad.

This morning's PT was the ol' run a half mile lap, then do 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups. Our NCOIC told the instructor to make sure everyone did 6 laps, then proceeded to leave. We did our stretching and warm-ups which included jumping jacks..nothing major…or so I thought. I then walked my laps around, but did the push-ups each time. I did not want to hurt my back with the run or the sit-ups.

After PT was over, I headed home and got ready as usual. This morning however, I changed into civilian clothes. Today is "Adventures with the UMT". It used to be called "Duty Day with God", but I guess they had to be more PC…or perhaps make the atheists feel more welcome. UMT is "Unit Ministry Team" and for those who signed up, the adventure was a trip to the Heidelberg Castle. I decided to sign up, not only because I get to wear civilian clothes, but also because I don't have to go into the office!

We met up at 0900 and headed off post to catch a street car that took us downtown. From there we headed to the castle taking a train that climbs up the mountain from downtown. I've been to the castle before, but I was under the impression we would be having a guided tour. The guided tour actually lets you see a lot more of the castle and you get a lot more history of the castle as well. Unfortunately due to budget cuts, there was no guided tour. We paid for the normal admission and checked out the castle. It is always fun to see, and also offers a great view of the city below. I spent some time taking a break and having a coffee in the little cafe located inside the castle.

We then gathered up after an hour of free time at the castle and headed down. We ate at an outside cafe and then stopped at an ice cream shop on the way back. It was a good trip and a nice day to spend away from the office. There were 17 of us total including a few spouses and even a couple kids.

We were released at 1430 and while most people headed home to enjoy the rest of the day off, I had to run some errands. My ex-wife just realized my kids passports had expired. So now it has become an emergency on my part because of her lack of planning. I had to get some paperwork signed and notarized at our JAG office so my kids can get their passports. But just faxing or emailing a copy is not good enough for the passports, I have to mail them. So I went to the FedEx office and paid about $75 to have them express shipped to my ex-wife. Good Grief! Talk about stress. Now she has to get their passports renewed and pay the express delivery fee in order to get them back in time to make the trip over here. I've already purchased the tickets and would be extremely pissed if they do not make it over for the summer. It will be a life changing experience for them staying and seeing another country.

I then headed to our education office to get things squared away with school once again. I need to get back on track to getting my bachelors degree! What I haven't mentioned yet is all throughout the day my back was getting pretty sore. What started in the middle of my back extended through to the top of my neck and in my head. Before I knew it I couldn't even turn my back or neck without extreme pain. My head was pounding and I could barely walk. I thought back to when I first started to feel it and it was shortly after PT. It seems something as little as jumping jacks has totally screwed me up. I feel like my body is falling apart! Right now I feel like a freakin' old man who can barely move. I tried to rest when I got home and I'm hoping a night's sleep will help. I'll be trying to make an appointment tomorrow to see if there is something wrong with more of my back now. Ugggghhh!



  2. I may have to check that out! I'm open to pretty much anything right now.