Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Physical Therapy - (Germany) Day 162

This morning's PT was muscle failure in the abdominal area…well for most folks. As for me, my back was still pretty stiff and I did some overhead arm claps for a bit and then left to the gym to ride the stationary bike for the rest of PT. The uniform was our summer PTs with the jacket, but one yahoo forgot to bring his jacket, so we all had to take ours off and let me tell you…it's still pretty chilly in the early morning! I could barely manage to do the stretches for warm up and was just taking it extremely easy. I didn't sleep well at all last night because of my back and was looking forward to physical therapy later on today.

I headed to work and did the usual, check my email and do anything else that I'm told. This week I'm just trying to stay out of all the NCOs way during the audit. Lunch time came quick enough and I ate in my car. I then had a physical therapy appointment for my previous neck and upper back issues. It turned out to be a pretty good session. It was only the evaluation session, but the doctor (a young captain) was more like an army chiropractor and did a number of adjustments on my back, which instantly helped with the stiffness and the pain. I'm not going to say all my pain went away, but it sure knocked it down a few. He asked a number of questions and had me try a number of different positions with my head. We then went through a number of exercises I can do on my own to help loosen up the muscles in my back. It seems that they are all extremely tight and are contributing to my headaches.

He had me schedule 6 sessions with the therapist and then we'll have a follow-up appointment. I actually have a little hope now. Sometimes I start thinking it's the end of the world and I'm falling apart. It sure felt like it yesterday, but I'm hoping that these exercises and the therapy sessions will help bring me back to normal again. During this time I'll still be on my profile, so I shouldn't injure myself any more than I already am.

I waited for about a half hour and then had an appointment with my doctor. I made the appointment first thing this morning because of the extreme pain I was in yesterday and because I wanted something a little stronger as far as pain medication goes. The stuff they have given me does absolutely nothing and I end up just going back to taking a number of Excedrin to get rid of my headaches. The appointment was quick, and the doctor basically said they don't prescribe anything stronger. She gave me some muscle relaxers to take at night and then basically pawned me off to the physical therapist telling me to have him take care of any issues that come up now. I guess I'll live with the pain until we can let the therapy work it's magic.

I headed back to work unfortunately. It was almost 1600 and I couldn't take off the rest of the day. We ended up doing pretty much the normal routine. Checking email and taking a few calls. The auditors actually came out and asked us a few questions. They didn't get to me, but said they would be asking a lot more tomorrow. The auditors have also been going to our customers to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to as well. They left at 1700, so we didn't get a chance to inventory and close the safes until well after that. We didn't leave the office until 1810, which meant my wife just waited for me after work until then. The unfortunate results of having only one vehicle here. That should change soon because I'll be taking the motorcycle safety course next week, then I'll be able to start riding my bike.

The night consisted of taking it easy, using the heating pad on my back…and watching TV shows. Hoping I sleep well tonight and that I feel even better tomorrow!

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