Monday, June 25, 2012

Just A Little Trash - (Germany) Day 182

This morning's PT was pretty much nothing. Since I have been selected to do a PT test tomorrow, I was told to take it extremely light in the gym today. So I headed over and rode a stationary bike at a slow pace for a half hour watching the sports center highlights on TV.

I had my last Monday of AIC detail..a.k.a. Post Cleanup…a.k.a. Garbage Man. I reported at 0900 and the old guy in charge took quite a while before turning us loose. Today we actually had three soldiers show up for the detail. Usually it's two unlike last week where it was just one…me. We also had a high school girl with us who was doing some community service work. By the time the old guy in charge briefed everyone, it was 0920 and I actually had to leave for an appointment at 0930. It's not like I was trying to get out of this detail, I had the appointment scheduled a long time ago. I also decided to start looking out for myself in regards to appointments and such. I was just dealing with the pain and pushing through in the past. I'm not going to do that crap anymore. Anyways…I helped pick up trash in the main park where we started and we finished in 10 minutes. I then took off for my appointment.

I went home and changed into some comfortable gym shorts and a t-shirt, then headed to my physical therapy appointment. I went through my checklist of various core, back, and neck strengthening exercises. I then had had heat on my back and neck while using the IFC for my "shock therapy". After that the doc came and did my spinal manipulation. He then had another guy work on my neck. This staff sergeant has had some massage training and I have to say it felt awesome! I left the place in no pain and feeling nice and relaxed.

By the time I got back to PHV it was a little past time for my lunch break. I ate lunch in my house and decided to watch a movie since nothing was on the AFN channels. It seems nothing is ever on the AFN channels. I watched Napoleon Dynamite…of course I've seen it before, but I just wanted to watch a silly movie and veg out for a bit.

When I have done AIC detail in the past, I'm usually done by lunch time…even when I'm by myself, but I had to go out and make a drive around PHV to make sure they were still not working. I did so and saw no sign of anyone still working the AIC detail…so I headed back home and hung out for a while. I added some more of the posts I had converted over from WordPress.

I read a little and then headed off to the clothing store. I had to purchase some of the specialist rank for my Class A shirt. I heard we may be having a class a inspection coming up. I then picked up my wife and we headed to a store on the economy. This particular store has a parking garage and like every German parking garage, all the stalls are tiny. It's a good thing we drive a small car, the normal American SUVs and such would have a tough time finding a spot.

At home we hung out, ate dinner and watched some TV shows. We watched a new show on HBO called "The Newsroom" which has some potential. Now that all the normal season shows have ended we are looking for alternative shows to watch.

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