Monday, June 11, 2012

Sanitation Engineer - (Germany) Day 168

This morning's PT was a run for everyone and a long walk for us on profile. After PT I was told I have AIC detail. The nice thing is that it's located on PHV, so it's not too far from my house. I reported there at 0900 and started my day doing the AIC detail. This detail is basically being the garbage man for the PHV post. There were two of us, me and a guy from medical that were given the detail today. We walked around the area picking up garbage that we saw laying around. We also emptied out all the post garbage cans and replaced the bags. Once we collected all the garbage, we took it to a big dumpster and dropped it off.

So this is what your taxpayer money is doing for you. They have used it to train me in computers…Information Technology…so I can walk around and pick up garbage. One of the many useful things I can add to my experience in the military. Garbage Man (or sanitation engineer) can go along with landscaper, janitor, maid, waiter, and let's not forget…slide flipper. So much useful experience.

Luckily it didn't take too long to finish the entire post, we finished at almost noon. The guy I was working with said we were done, so I headed home and stayed there the rest of the day since my place of duty was this AIC detail today. That is the only benefit of getting this detail…you usually don't have to work a full day. In fact it wasn't a bad detail…it kept me busy and I wasn't in the office. How bad is it when I would rather be a garbage man than a ComSec clerk? Neither of which is what I joined the army for, or what they spent so much money training me to do. What a freakin' joke!

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