Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Therapy - (Germany) Day 177

This morning's PT was a little interesting. There were only about four of us in the PT uniform ready for PT, the rest of the folks were in ACUs. There is a change of ceremony going on this Friday and there is practice for it today and tomorrow. It was put out that max participation was expected, so almost everyone is going. I had a physical therapy appointment already scheduled, so they said I could go to it and head to the practice starting tomorrow.

PT…for the four of us left, was spin class. I actually got a great workout. The instructor was blasting a lot of 80's rock and by the time we were finished I had sweat dripping everywhere. I wish I could do this kind of stuff more often since I've been on profile. I can actually get a good workout without ending up in a lot of pain later.

My physical therapy was at 0930, so I didn't even head to work and just went straight to the therapy office. It gave me a little time to nap before heading in. I did the same exercises as before, but instead of having the therapist with me the entire time, I just checked my sheet and proceeded to do each exercise…marking it off as I finished. These exercises are to strengthen my back and neck areas. I then went on to the good part of the physical therapy…laying down on some hot pads around my neck and upper back. I also had the IFC (Interferential Current...or what I like to call...shock therapy) machine hooked up to me again. This is the machine that sends electrical current through my back and makes my muscles jump around. It does a good job of relieving any pain and in combination with the hot pads, I felt great afterwards. The doctor then came and did his chiropractic manipulation of my spine.

Before I left I had him adjust my profile so I would not have to wear a helmet. Last Thursday I had to wear one and I'm not sure if it was because I already hurt my back, or because of the extra weight on my head…but I was pretty sore for the rest of the night.

I headed to work after my session and it was about 1100…almost time for lunch! The office only had a few people in it, so no issues finding a computer. I started the process of trying to get all the paperwork together for my daughter's command sponsorship. I should be able to submit the first round of paperwork tomorrow…if I get a chance to access a computer. I'm not sure how long the process is going to be.

Lunch was in my car where I listened to music and read my book. I'm on the second book in the "Game of Thrones" series. It's been a pretty good read so far. Back in the office I actually did a little ComSec work. One of my customers came in and needed a new encryption key. I don't actually do anything but the paperwork, so when the key was issued my actual job is to make sure he signed and dated in the correct place.

I surfed the web and read the news for a while before having to inventory the safe. We then cleaned up, locked up, and went home. I made plans for SPC Whirlwind to give me a ride into work. With the change of command practice going on, we would not be returning and my wife would need the car. The night was pretty routine until I got a call from SPC Whirlwind saying we had to go in earlier than expected because we were having a weigh-in…new time to be ready 0520. I then got a call from my boss saying things have changed…he is now picking me up, no weigh-in, just straight to the arms room to pick up our weapons for the ceremony practice…new time to be ready…0420. This just keeps getting better.


  1. Reading your post makes me want to visit my physical therapist again. Hehe! The relaxation you feel during and after the session is remarkable. You can definitely sense the boost in your body strength, function, and mobility. Anyway, how often do you go to your therapist?

  2. I always enjoy my times at physical therapy! I was going twice a week and the heat with the IFC really helped...along with the short neck massage I would get after. Currently I'm doing therapy on my own at home, I have been issued a portable IFC device which does remarkably well. We'll see how this goes for a while.