Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Total Recall - (Germany) Day 329

This morning for PT we had to form up at the Campbell Barracks gym. There were a few people having a PT test, everyone else worked out at the gym. The Campbell gym is much bigger than the PHV gym with lots of free weights and a basketball court as well. The only bummer about forming up at Campbell Barracks is the extra time it takes away from my morning. The drive is about 15 minutes away and it always seems we stay later when we are at Campbell. Unlike everyone else, I have less time to get ready because I take my wife to work. I did have a good strength workout though with the weight machines, then quickly headed home where I rushed to get ready for the day, which is going to be a long one.

My wife actually dropped me off at work this morning because I have staff duty tonight, this will allow her to have the car for the day. Since I was dropped off early, I just hung out in the food court and played with my iPhone until 0900 when our work call starts. In the office our limited computers were of course taken, so I just headed over to the maintenance side and read a copy of the Army Times that was laying around. Out of the blue came one of the stupidest things I've ever witnessed. Out platoon sergeant said that there is a mandatory recall. Everyone in our platoon had to come to the office. This wasn't a big deal for me, I was already there. The problem is that we had SGT Mex in a required ACAP class. This is a class that helps with the transition from the military to the civilian life. If he misses one, he has to reschedule it. He was forced to leave the class and come back to the office. Not only this, but there were people that had the day off and also one person who worked the night before and was sleeping. I would have been so pissed if I were one of them, in fact I was pissed for them! When everyone finally arrived we expected to hear some crazy news about a terrorist plot in Heidelberg, or perhaps a murder, or even a massively uncontrolled overflowing toilet. Instead…we were all told to head over to S-1 and show them our dog tags and ID card. WTF??? This place is freaking retarded. We all headed over, showed our items and initialed a piece of paper. What a bunch of crap. At least by this time it was lunch time...I headed to the food court with my sack lunch, where I ate and played games on my iPhone for the duration.

In the office there is still a lot of crap getting cleaned up and thrown away. The shredder seems to have been going non stop, furniture is being moved, and crap just keeps piling up. I volunteered to go with some others on a run to the dump. I knew we weren't doing anything in the office, and doing something is better than nothing. We loaded a TMP with all the crap and headed to the PHV recycling center and dumped it all out. It passed the time, but not enough because we made it back to the office at about 1445. I was able to get on a computer for a bit and check my email, then surf the web and read all about today's world, local, and my hometown news.

Everyone left about 1600, but I had to stay and wait for staff duty to start…so it was on to peopleofwalmart.com for some laughs and entertainment to pass the time until then. My boss and I have staff duty and headed over to the S-1 office where our staff duty takes place. I sat down at my desk and chatted with my boss until about 1900 when I left for my dinner break. An hour and a half later I came back and my boss took off for his break. While sitting here listening to music and surfing the web I noticed the IMO was still here. There was a VTC going on with a bunch of the brass and he had to stay here until it was finished. The guy has been here an entire day and had to stay until 2130 when they finally came out, and he has to come back at the normal time tomorrow. I wish we would have known, he could have gone home at the normal time of 1700 and I could have called him or something when the meeting ended. The army talks a big talk about caring for the soldier and the family of the soldier, but when it comes to action it's just not there. This is just one little instance where we see that the upper brass doesn't give a crap about the lower enlisted. Stuff like this goes on all the time.

The night was spent chatting with my boss and SGT Steroids who is still on extra duty. I'm not sure if you can really call it extra duty though. Even though he's been given a number of tasks to do, he just sits around and chats all night with me and my boss. It's funny that because I'm a bit older, I'm included in a lot of conversations with NCOs that they would normally not talk about with lower enlisted. There were a lot of interesting conversations had this evening. After SGT Steroids left for the evening at midnight, my boss and I watched a movie together…"The Campaign". This was a pretty funny show with Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis, we were both laughing pretty hard.

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