Monday, November 19, 2012

More of the Same - (Germany) Day 328

The morning fog was pretty thick on the drive into work

This morning for PT I'm not even sure what the normal folks did, probably some sort of cardio out in the cold. I headed into the warm gym and did my cardio on the stationary bike while listening to my iPod.

Work this morning was tough to get started. On a normal day, I end up arriving around 20 minutes early to work because I have to drop my wife off at her job. I usually put my seat back and listen to music, and perhaps take a nap. This morning was no exception, I fell promptly asleep. Getting up after that quick nap was tough, I wasn't quite fully awake and with my head in a fog I made my way into the office. I sat at a computer, drank my coffee and after checking email I started doing my schoolwork. I'm taking a class on business management and it's currently talking about the different cultures in organizations. As I'm reading about a lot of the negative cultures, I'm relating them all to my experience in the army. I'm really going to try and find a positive place to work when I do get out. I don't care too much about the money, I just want to be happy and enjoy my job. I want to work for a place that cares about their employees, a place with a positive atmosphere. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I'm really going to put in a lot of effort pursuing this effort. I just really hate feeling miserable every day when I think about my job and the army. I actually don't even care if I stay in the I.T. field when I get out…that is if I'm still sane by the time I get out.

I headed to lunch in my car as usual, but was not able to do any reading…my iPad wasn't charged…D'oh! I also surprisingly didn't take a nap either, I just listened to music and played Plants vs Zombies on my iPhone. 

Back in the office we did a lot of cleanup in preparation for the upcoming closure. This has been an ongoing process with a lot of paper shredding and many trips to the dumpsters. It's amazing how much crap that just keeps appearing. I did a little actual ComSec work as well checking each of my accounts to see if there is any SAVs (Sight Assisted Visits) due. These are basically checks that our NCOs do at our customer's sites to make sure they are following all the ComSec rules and regulations.

I had a survey emailed to me from the big army. They are surveying 25Bs trying to get a feel for what real life is like for a 25B, so they can adjust their training in the schoolhouse appropriately. Each of the questions had me rate from never all the way to often multiple times a day with several options in-between. The questions would ask how often I did various 25B tasks (such as troubleshoot software, hardware, install software, administer active directory, and many many more such things. I had to answer every single question with "never". It's really a joke that I joined as a 25B (Information Technology Specialist) and haven't done my job at all. I came in very skilled too! …a really bad joke. 

I had to inventory a safe and then do our normal end of day cleanup...we were released at 1700.

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