Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bad News - (Germany) Day 316

Taken on the way to work outside of PHV, this is a typical sight in Germany,
it seems they have solar panels all over the place!

This morning I woke up to our home phone ringing and I jumped out of bed thinking that I somehow missed a morning formation or something. Why would our house phone be ringing at 0500 in the morning? It turned out to be my father-in-law back in the states, and unfortunately the news was bad. My wife's grandma had passed away. Stuff like this has actually been my worst nightmare since joining the army and being stationed overseas. If anything serious happens, then I'm stuck half a world away…helpless. It really sucks, and I hope each day that I will not get the call I got today. I woke my wife and let her talk to her dad, then we just laid in bed for a while until I had to actually get ready for PT.

PT this morning had everyone head to the gym and workout. It was starting to rain, so it made sense. Everyone was just turned loose to work on whatever they wanted, kind of like what I do every day. Today was my cardio day, so I rode the stationary bike as usual.

This morning at the office I headed straight to the maintenance side and hopped on a computer. I started right away on my schoolwork, spending most of the morning working on it. I also got an email requesting a time for my clearance interview. I was just thinking to myself yesterday that it sure had been a long time. They've been interviewing my friends and family back in the states for quite a while now. All that is left is my interview and then the interview of my co-workers. We settled on a date next week. I'm curious how this interview will go, I am picturing in my head the scene from "Meet the Parents" where Robert De Niro grabs Ben Stiller's hands and does the human lie detector on him. I guess we'll see.

I headed home for lunch just for a quick break and to brush my teeth, I then headed to our dental office which is located on PHV. I had to get an old filling taken out and replaced. I really hate the dentist, but this visit was tolerable. They made it pretty quick, gave me some shots to numb me up, then after a minute started drilling away the old filling. I was a little nervous that everything hadn't numbed up all the way, but was pleasantly surprised that it was quick acting. When he was finished drilling away, he tag teamed another person in to do the new filling. It sucked having to keep my mouth open so wide for so long with several people's hands in it, but they did a good job placing the new filling and then I was out of there.

I headed back to my house to actually eat some lunch. I had to eat very slow as half my face was still numb and I didn't want to bite my cheek either. It was a strange experience, that's for sure. I headed back to the office after I finished and ended up there around 1400. At this time the place seemed to be very full of people. The maintenance side was taking out items they were throwing away, they have been in the process of cleaning up and getting ready for the closing of the post. They are staying ahead of the game I guess, they have been shredding manuals and any other paperwork they find on their side of the office. The place is starting to look a little empty. They've used the shredder so much it's starting to die, I think that may be the last piece of equipment they take to the dump!

I ended up on a computer on our side of the office and surfed the net for a bit until it was time to clean up. I found out my boss will be leaving to Mannheim sometime soon after Thanksgiving. I also heard they are moving forward with SGT Mex's separation and he will be out of the army shortly after that…depending on how fast all the paperwork moves. One thing is for certain, there is going to be a lot of changes coming.

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