Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shit Hits the Fan - (Germany) Day 336

PT this morning was resistance band training at the Campbell gym. Instead of having the profiles head off, we all joined in and did what we could. It was basically circuit training with various exercises done with the resistance bands. Because there was no impact on a lot of them, I could do most with no issues. I ended up getting a pretty good workout, and it was nice to do something different for PT. SGT Steroids put the whole thing together and I think everyone liked it for the most part.

I headed to the office and got a little work done before all of a sudden I was called to the CSM office along with our platoon sergeant and our CAM. This can't be good! I waited outside while our platoon sergeant and our CAM went in and talked with the CSM. I was then called in a few minutes later and got my ass chewed out because of this blog. I guess the entire 5th signal command saw my blog and my post about operation solemn promise. The general was upset and shit rolled downhill. It got bigger and bigger until it hit our battalion CSM…then this huge pile of shit hit me. I had to stand there and hear the CSM chew me out for my disrespect. Let me tell you...that is not a lot of fun. While typing my blog, I just thought I was exercising my free speech, but while in the army...free speech is limited.

The CSM couldn't actually tell me to take my blog down or change the privacy settings, but he did really recommend it. I didn't think about it too long, I could keep it up, but would be harassed non-stop about it…so I headed home for lunch and changed the settings so only I can see. it. I was about to eat lunch when I got called back to the office. I headed back in and was told I have to stay in my car, I can't come into the office anymore. It turns out that they printed off a large number of my previous posts and are now saying I've violated OpSec. I was surprised by this, because I try and take great care to not put anything classified on my blog. For now though I have to stay out of the office. A few minutes later our platoon sergeant told me to go to S2 and hang out there instead of my car. So I went to S2 and did some reading in my school textbook.

I headed home and my boss came over. He had to give me an "event oriented counseling" that I had to sign. It basically said what I did and I agreed. I then got a call from SPC Mac, SGT Mex, and our CAM telling me they were behind me and were not quite sure what was going on, but to "hang in there." That was pretty cool knowing that I have their support. I did some schoolwork for a while trying to catch up from the 4-day weekend. The night sucked, I tried to go to bed early, but tossed and turned all night. I didn't sleep much…too much on my mind.

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  1. About this blog/journal...enough time has passed now that I now feel comfortable posting the rest of my journal. I still kept my journal, but it was all just written down on my local computer and never uploaded. All the army posts in Heidelberg have shut down, I'm out of the army and there is no sensitive or classified information in my journals.