Monday, November 26, 2012

Off to Guam - (Germany) Day 335

PT this morning was a run around PHV for the normal folks, while I headed to the gym and rode the bicycle for my cardio. I had a decent workout considering I just came off a 4-day where I ate way too much!

At the office I actually did a lot of work in the morning. I checked on all my account folders as well as one of my co-worker's folders. He has been away on an FTX and his folders have kind of been forgotten by everyone. I checked them all and made notes on which folder needs what, then emailed all the customers requesting the required documents or requesting that they come into the office for a particular brief.

I picked up my wife for lunch and we ate at the food court in the shopping center. After that we headed home where I changed into civilian clothes. I had to give her a ride to the airport so she could go to a funeral for family in Guam. The ride was nice, and the time I spent with my wife at the airport was nice, I just hated to see her go. I'm going to be a bachelor for a week. Not too happy about that, but I don't mind only working a half day today…I could get used to that!

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