Friday, November 16, 2012

Operation Solemn Promise - (Germany) Day 325

This morning's PT was in the gym, we were cut loose by squad to do "squad PT". This just meant that each squad leader was in charge of doing their own workouts for the squad. Our squad leader, my boss, just had everyone head to the gym…business as usual for me. I wasn't feeling too motivated this morning though, just a mediocre ride on the stationary bike to get some cardio in.

This morning at work, I didn't do a whole lot. I had enough time to check my email and read the top stories in the news. Oh and don't forget the required weekend checklist documenting our plans for the weekend. Luckily I have mine saved and just change the date each weekend stating that I'll be "spending time with my lovely wife within a 150 mile radius of the Heidelberg area". By the time I finished that we all had to head out and board a bus that was taking us all to Wiesbaden…home of the 5th Signal Command. Today they are having a special event there called "Operation Solemn Promise". We've been hearing about this event for a couple weeks now, and today is the day. This is a time when the command at 5th signal like to boost their egos and force everyone from all across Europe to attend. I'm not joking, not only did we load up a bus full of people for the hour drive, there were units from Grafenwoehr, Italy, and even Belgium.

Luckily I'm used to the way this unit operates and I brought my lunch on the bus. I ate it during the hour long drive to Wiesbaden. When we arrived we were told we would have an hour to get something to eat at the DFAC, the food court, or just pick something up at the shoppette. Since I…and a few others ate on the bus we headed to the shoppette for some coffee. About 15 minutes later we hear that we all need to form up and head into the gym. I was a little pissed because I only had a drink or two of my coffee, but not as pissed as I would have been if I were like some of the guys who just sat down to eat. 

The gym was full of soldiers and some civilians. We sat down and waited for about an hour and a half. I guess we didn't need to drop everything and rush after all <sarcasm>. Anyways the event was like many other army ceremonies, except this one had quite a bit more army propaganda. We were force fed all the reasons we serve and what a great army we are part of. We then listened to speech after speech stating the same things. I swear the higher rank one gets, the more they can talk…and talk they did.

We then had to all stand up and do a mass enlistment oath. I've done it once, I don't need to do it again thank you. We then heard some NCOs sing some songs, it felt a little like an audition for "The Army's Got Talent".

When the ceremony was finally over, we had to assemble as a battalion up on the "zumba" room. Here we heard our own CSM give us some more long winded talks. This served as our weekend safety brief. I'm so not a fan of these, especially when they go on and on. I think if a person is going to do something bad, a little pep talk the Friday before the weekend is not going to stop them. Maybe it's because I'm a grown freakin' man and I don't go out and do stupid stuff, but I really hate the safety briefs.

We were finally released and we headed back to the bus for the hour long drive back. We arrived back at Campbell Barracks at 1715, where I promptly exited the bus and headed straight to my car…and left.

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