Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Special Agent - (Germany) Day 323

Taken on my trip back from the hospital yesterday. You will see several
windmills dotting the German countryside. Between these and all the
solar panels everywhere it shows that Germany has invested
quite a bit in renewable energy.

This morning's PT had to use of resistance bands for the normal folks, I'm not sure exactly what they did as I headed over to the gym to do my own workout. I used the weight machines and completed my normal strength workout, which I was glad to do in the gym because it was pretty cold outside.

At work this morning I actually did some ComSec work. I had two of my customers come in to receive their "Hand Receipt Holder's Brief". This is a yearly requirement for every person that will be handling ComSec at each of our accounts. I had two that were overdue and had them come in this morning so I could give them their brief. This is actually only the second time I've given the brief. The brief is basically a PowerPoint presentation that I read each of the slides. Once I'm done (we schedule an hour for the process), I have them sign some paperwork and they are good to go for another year. I then update our records with the paperwork and file them away.

By the time I was finished I checked my email and surfed the web for a bit before leaving for lunch. I headed over to the food court and had Subway while reading my book. I had to make sure I was back a little early because I had a "Special Agent" coming in to do my background investigation interview at 1300. She came right on time and we used our platoon sergeant's office for the interview. The entire process for my portion took about an hour. She basically just went over everything I had submitted back in June. Asking me all the questions about my past work, school, and where I've lived. It was all pretty straight forward and wasn't actually quite what I expected. I expected the "human lie detector" with drilling questions while I'm being stared at, but it was basically just a conversation back and forth. 

The next part had four different co-workers of mine go in for about 10 minutes each, so she could get a better all around view of me. I think it all went well, so we'll see how long it takes now before I get notified if I received the clearance or not.

Some other items of note. We were informed that the higher ups have been working hard and want to make sure everyone knows where they are heading once our post closes as soon as possible. They are going to have a number of meetings going over each person and what slots they need to fill around Europe. We may hear something as soon as the 14th of December…a month from now. 

My boss had to get a copy of my temporary profile and take it to S-3. I guess they had me signed up to head to WLC, which just blows my mind. I really think they would ask me if I want to go and not just sign me up to go. Luckily you cannot go while on a temporary profile, so they took me off the list. In my head I just think we have more important stuff we can be doing with the base closing and we are already losing people that will not be replaced. We still have to cover all the same extra duties which seem to come up as well as staff duty. So sending me to WLC for a month makes no sense, especially if I have no desire to go. Not to mention I'm currently taking a college class that the army is paying for. Everyone here pushes and pushes for people to attend college, but sometimes I think it's just lip service. They wouldn't think twice about having me drop the class and force me to go to WLC. I'm just glad I'm still on temporary profile…in fact I think I need to schedule another appointment pretty soon to have it extended.

The shots in the back of my head seem to have kept me from getting a full blown headache. It's kind of hard to describe what I'm feeling now and how I've felt all day. Although I don't have an actual headache for once, I have felt like I'm on the verge of a headache. I've felt pressure in my head and I've also had a sore neck and shoulders. I'm hoping this will go away with some time maybe, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. It sure beats having a full blown extremely painful headache though!

The end of the day consisted of a little surfing the web and just chatting with the folks in the office. After cleaning up, we were released at 1630.

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