Monday, October 31, 2011

Root Beer Floats - (Korea) Day 336

Work call this morning was at 0830. I checked my email and then turned the system on for our conference room to get it ready for a ROK meeting that was going on this morning. During the meeting we have to have one person in there to make sure they don't mess with the equipment. So I read the news on the computer until the meeting was over.

We cleaned up from the ROK meeting and setup for a ceremony that was up next in our conference room. After the setup we all left for lunch. I headed to my room and called my wife. I still don't have internet, so no video chatting today. Once back at work PV2 Charlie brought in ice cream and root beer in order to make root beer floats. Our new KATUSA had never had one before so we wanted him to try it out. We all had some floats along with most of the others from our office. Once the ceremony was over in our conference room we all also had cake too!

We then had to do a silly setup for a general who we don't support. The setup consisted of just one set of items for this general. I'm starting to think our army sergeant has a crush on this guy because we've never done anything like this before.

We cleaned up the office and were let go at 1600 for PT. Today we had to do swimming for PT, so we all headed to the pool and swam for an hour…well almost an hour. We all got in the hot tub after about 45 minutes and it felt so good.

Once back in my room there was a lot of yelling and banging on the doors. I guess there was another barracks inspection and they were doing a lot of cleaning. I just ignored them. I really hate living in the barracks. I hate all the banging, I hate all the noise, and I hate all the invasion of my personal space. I'm going to ignore everything unless I'm actually told there is a formation or an inspection.

Later on I headed to PV2 Charlie's room to do my schoolwork, but unfortunately he was having issues with his internet. Luckily he was able to let me tether to his phone so I could get everything I needed done. I spent the rest of the night watching Grey’s Anatomy and Hawaii Five-0.

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