Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Breakfast...Interrupted - (Korea) Day 337

The air force sergeant receiving her medal from our colonel.
(Our conference room in the ceremony setup with all the chairs removed
and the flags up front)

Work call this morning was at 0630. We had to setup for a KUB, but for some reason they put it in a small conference room that we don't normally use. Once setup, I took off to Starbucks to get my mocha and a blueberry bagel. Back in our conference control room I started eating my breakfast and watching a little TV. All of a sudden there is an emergency. I get called down to this little conference room about 5 minutes before the meeting is supposed to start and they can't figure out why the laptop isn't working. Nothing like waiting until the last minute guys! I took a look and couldn't figure it out. The cable that was labeled for the projector was plugged in, but nothing was coming out. Then one of the people that work in the room came in and was like "oh…you're supposed to use this other cable over here". Makes me wonder why they labeled the cables at all let alone have the one that we need totally away from the desk where the laptop is. Anyway…we got it up and working, then I went back to my breakfast.

I basically watched football until lunchtime, then headed to my room and video chatted with my wife because my internet is back on….woohoo! When I got back to work we opened up the conference room and set it up for a ceremony. The new air force sergeant in our admin office was receiving a medal from her last unit. It was given to her late, so her old commander asked our colonel if he could give her a little ceremony and present it to her.

After that we set up the conference room back for normal meetings and then let the ROK use it for a meeting that lasted the rest of the day. We took turns on the computer in my office getting various tasks done as well as reading the news and checking Facebook status updates…you know…the important stuff. I wish there were some more training or something I could be doing, but as my time gets shorter here, so do my responsibilities. My replacement is basically doing everything I used to do except for the IMO type stuff.

We headed out at 1600 for PT. I had a great workout at Trent Gym and then headed to my room and relaxed. I watched an episode of NCIS, NCIS: LA and Terra Nova before calling it a night.

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