Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Late Late Show - (Korea) Day 323

These early mornings prove to be just too much for PV2 Charlie, who passed
out in our conference control room.

Work call this morning was at 0630. We had to setup for a 0800 meeting, but the female captain in our office wants all meetings completely setup an hour before it is scheduled to start. It kind of sucks for morning meetings because it makes us come in so much earlier. (We usually start setting up for all other meetings about an hour before). In this case it was a small meeting and we actually had it setup shortly after 0630 because of course we always arrive to work at least ten minutes early. After we setup the meeting we all left for breakfast. All this took place before the female captain even showed up for work.

I went to Starbucks and grabbed a grande mocha, then headed back to our conference control room and watched some TV while drinking my mocha and eating my granola mix. On TV was the late night shows which seems a little strange to watch at 0700 in the morning. PV2 said that at some point last night before he went to sleep there was an NCO that banged on all the doors and forced everyone to clean up. I never heard anything and I'm glad too, I would have been pissed! Our KATUSA came back from the DFAC and brought me a "to go" cereal and milk which was great…the granola mix only goes so far. Just when I was about to finish I get called down to the small conference room for a technical emergency. I run down there and then have a couple people crowded around the laptop trying to figure out why it is not projecting on the screen. I look, then tell them they need to plug in the display connector. They had nothing plugged into the laptop and just expected it to somehow magically display on the screen…D'oh!

I headed back up and watched some more late night TV shows. A little while after our normal starting time I figured I better get to work. I started imaging yet another laptop. I've been trying to get all the laptops imaged after people leave so that before I leave everyone will have a fresh image to work with. I also went to our admin office and helped them out with an email issue they were having. While I was down there the new air force gal asked if I could go with her to the PX and help her pick out a wireless router. She offered to buy lunch if I did…how can I refuse? So me, the new air force gal, and the air force master sergeant from admin all went to lunch, then I helped her pick out a wireless router.

After lunch I checked on my imaging laptop and installed all the post-image drivers and setup the printers. It's now as good as new and ready to go. I then am told that I need to drive the air force gal to CIF to pick up all her gear (actually she is an E6…a tech sergeant), but for the sake of my journal she's gonna be the air force gal. We get there and I help her identify all the items they issue her. When you go to CIF they give you a ton of stuff along with a paper itemizing everything. We dumped out the duffel bag and ruck sack, then start checking off each item. It seems easy enough, but knowing the names of some items can be a little challenging, so it took us a while to complete. It's funny that I was the one there helping her, because all junior enlisted soldiers are required to have an E5 or higher go with them to CIF to make sure everything gets done correctly.

Once we got back to the office I sat down, but then immediately had to get up again and take the new KATUSA to housing. He is currently in different barracks than everyone else and was told he should check to see if there is room now in ours. What a pain in the butt. Housing is a mess and we ended up just waiting there for an hour before being told to come back on Monday. I then had to go to the company to check on PV2 Charlie's separate ration status by order of our NCOIC. Made me wonder why nobody was looking out for me with my separate ration issue…I had to do it all alone. Anyways the company was no help, but I did run into SPC Roy there so we talked for a bit.

I headed back to the office and we cleaned up and then had to wait around for about 45 minutes before we were finally released. I'm not sure what the hold up was, but I'm just rolling with the punches now. Not letting the little things bother me. We left about 1730 and I ended up going to my room and snacking a bit before heading to the gym. When I arrived at the gym it was packed. I think I picked the peak time to go there and work out. I ended up having a pretty crappy workout because of this. There were so many people there it was frustrating. On only our 2nd day of "working out everyday with the office" we didn't because of the early meeting. We'll see if it ever even picks up again.

I then headed to my room and watched a couple TV shows before going to sleep.

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