Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Siri - (Korea) Day 310

Work call this morning was at 0830. We setup for our normal Wednesday meeting in the secret conference room. Everything was fine until Special K didn't come down to call "stand-by". This could have been a pretty big deal, but luckily as the general was walking in he told the guard at the door not to call it..which is a little funny because it's not the guard's duty…he didn't even know what the general was talking about. It turns out that one of the ROK soldiers cut his hand pretty badly on the paper cutter and Special K was dealing with that in the office. This is the second time a ROK soldier has cut themselves using our paper cutter and have required medical attention.

The meeting which usually runs smoothly, seemed to have a bumpy ride all the way through. I control the machines in the back, but the speaker was not working correctly and I couldn't hear anything very well. This caused me to miss a couple cues to advance the slides and such. Anyway…I was glad when it was over.

I then checked my email and saw I had one from my branch manager. Let me go back a little here. Yesterday I saw my ERB (This is the Enlisted Records Brief and it shows all of your information including your current and next assignment). It changed from Frankfurt to Campbell. I freaked out because I had been planning on going to Germany this whole time and to see it changed to Campbell (Ft. Campbell is located in Kentucky) was a complete shock. I emailed my branch manager and stayed up late to try and call him last night but never made it through. Anyway his reply today said that he still shows me as heading to Germany, but I should check with my S1 shop to see about my ERB. I headed over to S1 and they looked at my ERB and then started looking up some items in the computer. To my relief it turns out that Campbell is actually barracks located in Germany and not Ft Campbell. It was a big relief. I have no desire to go to Ft. Campbell.

I headed to lunch after that and video chatted with my wife in the barracks and told her the good news. Crises averted. Back at work our new KATUSA picked up all his gear from CIF and I drove him to his barracks to drop it all off. He's pretty lucky, because our barracks were full he was assigned to another barracks that is just a little bit farther away from work. He has his own room with a shared kitchenette. That would be awesome to have your own bedroom! I'm so ready to only have my wife in the same room as me and not a roommate that stays up too late and is loud…but other than that a nice guy.

I then observed PV2 update the events calendar and after that we cleaned up the office and headed out at around 1600. I headed to my room and changed to work out, but I waited until 1700 for PFC Pickle to get off work because he wanted to join me at The Point. Had a great workout and then had Subway for dinner. I then headed to my room and worked on a Windows 7 SkillPort. Finally I watched the entire Apple Keynote address for the new iPhone announcement. The event was an hour and a half. I had started downloading it before working out, so it was complete by the time I got back. All I can say is that I want!!! The new camera looks completely awesome and the new voice activated humble assistant named Siri is very intriguing.

Status of move: Stress level is still pretty high because we still have not received the paperwork from my wife’s screening. They told us we would receive it by now, but still nothing. It’s so stressful waiting on someone else and having no control. My wife is going to call them once again tomorrow and try and get a status update.

the wife
Oh dear.
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 11:39 PM

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