Friday, October 21, 2011

Driving Angry - (Korea) Day 326

Work call was scheduled to be 0900, so I woke up and was planning a long video chat with my wife, then I see my phone rang while I was in the shower. A few minutes later it rings again and I find out i have to come in as soon as possible to drive everyone to the range. So much for a nice relaxing morning. I headed into work and after waiting around for about a half hour I find out nobody will be going to the range because the arms room would not check out weapons to anyone in our office…lol.

I headed to the conference control room and watched some TV. I then checked my email and found that I received a reply from S1 concerning my status request on my orders. They said since I want to take my family that I need some extra forms, then listed forms I sent to the company. I guess they didn't pass them along when they put in my request. Luckily I had digital copies of all the needed forms and replied with them attached. WTF? Sometimes I think Murphy's Law is all about me. They said they will forward along the information to Germany…now I wait…again. I'll check back next Thursday for a status update to see if they've heard anything. I watch some more TV.

I head to lunch and video chat with my wife, then head back to the office and watch some more TV until it's time to setup for our only meeting of the day. Our KATUSA calls "stand-by" for the last time in his army career. Today will be his last day at work. He'll be going on leave, then when he comes back he'll be out-processing. He's been so happy all day long. His two years of virtual slavery is finally almost over.

I then did some IMO work helping our admin office setup a couple of new monitors and then I watched as the tech from the secret network worked on our colonel's laptop. I did some basic troubleshooting yesterday, but couldn't do much more without any elevated privileges. He troubleshooted for about an hour and then decided to take the laptop to re-image it. I'm glad it wasn't anything simple…makes me look a little better!

We then cleaned up and I headed back to my room where I ate dinner and watched a movie called "Drive Angry". I strange action movie about a guy who escapes hell to revenge the death of his daughter and save his grandchild. Not very realistic, but entertaining. After that I did my schoolwork and then called it a night.

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