Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holding Pattern - (Korea) Day 317

What I thought was a pretty neat tribute to Steve Jobs while walking near Myeongdong
yesterday at a store called "Willy's", which is not quite an Apple Store, but they are
an authorized Apple reseller...and try to make their store similar to the real Apple stores.

Work call this morning was at 0645. We setup for a KUB in the top secret conference room. Once that was done I headed to Starbucks to grab some coffee. The other guys headed to the DFAC for breakfast. Back in my office I had my grande mocha and my "breakfast on the go nut and granola mix". These days we have early meetings I don't eat a normal breakfast.

I then checked my email and also sent one off to the specialist at our company asking him what the usual wait time is for a person to get their orders, once the levy packet is turned in. After that I headed down to the secret conference room with PV2 Charlie to setup for our normal Wednesday morning meeting. He's going to be taking over for me which means he'll be in charge of this meeting. He's seen it run a couple of times and this time I let him run the show and just supervised. It went off without a hitch. Next week I'll have him use his login and do it from scratch with minimal supervision by me.

Once finished we cleaned up and had to setup for another meeting in our conference room. PV2 Charlie flipped the slides while I went to my office and did some prep work for the upcoming email migration. There is a number of pre-migration checklists that all our users are supposed to finish before Friday. I sent everyone instructions, but I am also planning on visiting each user's computer to make sure this has been done.

Once the meeting was over we took off for lunch. I headed to my room and video chatted with my wife. After lunch I had PV2 Charlie work on some other miscellaneous items making sure he knew what he was doing. Seems strange now that I've finally got everything down, I'm training someone to take over.

I then went to our admin office and worked with our IMO to get her mailbox through the pre-migration checklist. It's funny that she's an IMO, because she doesn't really know too much about computers. She was only made IMO because they needed another higher ranking person to be an IMO as well. I then went to our main office and helped the folks that were there get through the checklist. I'll be doing this as well tomorrow because of the missing people.

We left about 1630 after cleaning up and I headed to my room to change and work out at The Point. This would be my last trip to The Point to work out. The weather is starting to get a bit cooler, so the walk to and from is a bit chillier. Trent Gym which has been under renovation for a while is finally open once again, and it is located almost right across the street from my barracks so there is no reason for me to keep paying to attend The Point…even though I've really enjoyed working out there.

I ate dinner in my room and watched the TV show Terra Nova. A new series that looks interesting. I'll have to watch a few episodes, but it has lots of futuristic gadgets, guns, and dinosaurs…what's not to like?

I started class once again now that my tuition assistance with the army has reset. I plan on taking one more class before I take another break during my transition to my new unit in Germany. Once I get settled in there I'll resume classes.

Status of my PCS: Right now I'm in the waiting mode. I've sent the email to the company just to ask about an ETA on my orders, but haven't heard anything yet. I've heard from various people that it can take a couple weeks. Until I actually get my orders we are stuck in waiting mode. We cannot do anything without orders now. So here I find myself waiting once again on the army. I have about a month and a half left here in Korea and I know this time is going to fly by.

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