Friday, October 7, 2011

Curfew in Effect - (Korea) Day 312

Work call this morning was at 0845. Even though we "started" doing PT with the company I think 5 weeks ago, I have yet to attend one. Last week they actually did attend a battalion run, but SPC Mick and I were on the Hyundai Cultural & Friendship Tour. This week all of our reflective running vests were at the shop getting our names, rank and unit sewn on them, so we were not able to attend. The work call was also a little strange, we had no meetings at all scheduled today and when that is the case we usually come in at 0830, but we got an extra 15 minutes today for some reason.

Even though we had no meetings it seemed very busy for some reason. I checked my email and then was busy running errands and tying up loose ends. I checked with our NCOIC about my levy packet and she said she forgot to send it last night, she just got overwhelmed. She did tell me to stand at her desk until she composed the message and sent it off. Now I know it has been officially submitted.

She then asked me to create a spreadsheet for her from some of the inventory items that we are going to get rid of. I had given her the sheet that listed all the items, but she thought for some reason I had it. I checked everywhere in my office and then came back and told her I didn't know where it was. I told her I could create a new one from the master copy, but then she found the sheet I gave her earlier on her desk. She then apologized and got down and started doing push-ups…lol.

I then had to send her the requirements for my replacement to become an IMO like me, and also what he has to do to get the elevated privileges (the demigod card). He now has a checklist of items he's going to need to work on.

We all then gathered in our conference room and watched some required sexual harassment videos. I suggested we make it a pizza party and our NCOIC agreed and sent Special K and SPC Mick off to Pizza School to get some pizza! After the videos I headed over to an IMO meeting with a lady from our admin office. She's an air force master sergeant. She's also a little peculiar, she doesn't ever wear her uniform when coming to work or when leaving work. Maybe she doesn't like all the saluting that is required when in uniform. Anyways…that will be her nickname since she is also a little peculiar in other ways as well. The meeting was all about the email migration that is coming up soon. The entire DoD is moving to a new email system and the end result is going to be better, but there are going to be some pains in the short term during the migration process.

After the meeting MSgt Peculiar and I headed back to the office and briefed our army major on everything that is going to happen. Me and MSgt Peculiar are going to be busy next week getting everyone ready.

We all had to gather once again up in our conference room and get a brief from our NCOIC. Evidently it seems there have been a number of incidents where American soldiers have been getting into trouble. This is what prompted the sexual harassment training which also went over rape and such. There have been some instances of soldiers raping Korean nationals. There was also an incident of an E-7 masturbating in front of a Korean school. WTF? I wonder what the heck these people are thinking. Not only are they getting into some serious trouble themselves, but it really puts a stain on all the rest of the American military that are here in Korea. It has been big news in the Korean media. Because of this a curfew has been implemented effective today. I heard before I came there was a curfew, but since I've been here there has not been one in effect. I was surprised about how lax the curfew actually was though. We have to be back on post by 0100 on weekdays and 0300 on weekends. Right now it's only temporary, but our NCOIC says she thinks it will stay in effect for quite some time…we'll see.

We then got our safety brief and were turned loose to clean the office and leave. We ended up leaving about 1730. I headed to my room and called the maintenance office about our bathroom light being out. I called first thing this morning, but hadn't heard anything. They actually sent a guy out right away and he replaced the light. I changed and headed to The Point and worked out. My body is still pretty sore from the hard workout I had two days ago. I'm hoping I can keep up this pace, I'd like to get a better score on my next PT test…which should be in November now.

I got back to my room and ate dinner, then watched Conan The Destroyer. A great classic movie! Now I'm ready to watch the remake! I also watched an episode of Breaking Bad before calling it a night.

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