Monday, October 3, 2011

Maxed Out! - (Korea) Days 308

Work call this morning was 0830. It is a Korean holiday (I believe their independence day or something to that affect), so there were no ROK soldiers at work and there were also no KATUSAs. KATUSAs have the best of both worlds because they get both the U.S. and ROK holidays off!

When I arrived at work I had a pile of email waiting for me since I had been off for the Hyundai tour. Both my Outlook and my AKO email had quite a bit to sort through. After getting through all of that I helped setup for a KUB in our conference room. Our system was all messed up though. I guess some ROK soldiers were messing around with it last week at some point and the new KATUSA didn't know to tell them to keep their hands off. The sound was all off and the projectors were not working correctly. We were able to get it working well enough for the KUB, but I had to make a mental note to do a system check when it was finished.

During the meeting I worked on a Windows 7 SkillPort and I also checked my current promotion point status for Military Education. I found out that I'm finally maxed out! Now I don't have to worry about ever doing SkillPorts again for the points, I just have to finish certain groups when I'm trying to get a certification like I'm doing now for Windows 7. I'm very excited about that!!!

The meeting ended and we cleaned up and went to lunch. I video chatted with my wife during my lunch break…always nice to see her :) Once back from lunch we started testing the conference room audio and video setup. We were able to fix the audio feedback issue with the table microphones, but could not figure out the video projector problem. Special K started fiddling with some wires in the back and we found that there was a loose wire that was causing the problem. What a pain in the butt, it all seems to be working correctly now…we just have to make sure the wires in the back do not get bumped.

I then continued to teach PV2 Charlie some of the other things we do and gave him all my notes that I've created over time to help me remember. From this point on I'll have him do everything and I'll just supervise, this way he'll get the hands on experience and be a lot more comfortable doing it when it comes time for me to leave.

We then cleaned up and headed out. I headed to my room and changed, then headed over to get my monthly hair cut. I tried going yesterday, but the place was packed…I guess the weekend right after payday is not a good time to go. Back in my room I ate dinner and watched CSI. It's kind of strange seeing Ted Danson now staring in the series and to boot he plays a hippie from Seattle…lol. I guess we'll see how the show progresses.

I then had to clean up my room a bit, we were informed that our NCOIC will be coming through the rooms tomorrow for an inspection. People that live in housing with their families never have to go through this crap, but because I live in the barracks it's never ending. I know I say this a lot, but I can't wait to live with my family once again. It can't come soon enough. After cleaning I worked on and completed another Windows 7 SkillPort. I have one more left and then the practice test before I've completed the entire portion, then I just have to wait to take the class which starts on the 31st.

I then relaxed and watched an episode of Flashpoint and Greys Anatomy. Flashpoint is a pretty cool series about a police "strategic response unit" that takes care of major issues that arise in Toronto Canada. Greys Anatomy I watch because it reminds me of my wife and we like to talk about the show during our chats…plus it's in Seattle, so it reminds me of home.

Status of my upcoming move: No real news yet, my wife did call again at the end of last week and they assured her that her papers are on the desk and flagged to be signed. They said it should be Monday or Tuesday. My stress level hasn't raised too much…running at about a 7.5 right now. I just don't know when it will actually be too late to turn in all the paperwork. I just hope it all works out like it should.

the wife

it's completely out of my control. :(

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