Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Morning of Football - (Korea) Day 330

"We Flush Together" a funny take on our motto here working with the
ROK army, which is "We Go Together"

Work call this morning was 0830, but it could have been after lunch because we did absolutely nothing today before lunch. I checked my email, but besides that all I did was watch football in the conference control room. We all headed out for lunch at about 1130 and I went to my room and video chatted with my wife.

After lunch we setup for a meeting in the secret conference room. Our new KATUSA lost the "rock, paper, scissors" contest with PV2 Charlie and thus had to call "Stand-By" for the first time. I stayed with him to give him the signal when to go in and call it. He did a good job! We then watched more TV until the meeting was over and then cleaned up the meeting. We cleaned up the office and headed out at 1600 as promised.

I headed to my room, changed, then went to Trent Gym to workout. After finishing and heading to  my room to shower and change, I headed to the CAC (Community Activity Center) to sign up for another tour this weekend that looked interesting. Unfortunately I was told it was already full. I guess I should have signed up a bit earlier. I'm a little bummed because it looked like it was going to be a pretty cool one. I guess I'll deal with it. Off to the food court to have some Subway for dinner. I have to say for being a sandwich shop, they have the best cookies!

Back in my room I watch Hawaii Five-0 and then do some schoolwork. Next up is an NCIS before ending the night with cleaning my room. I was told we have a room inspection at 0500 tomorrow morning. I didn't bother to clean it any more than I normally do on the weekend. It really doesn't do any good because the sergeant who inspects it will always find something to complain about. So I'll let them complain and then move on. Living in the barracks just pisses me off to no end. I hate these stupid room inspections all the time. I thought I was through with those after TRADOC. It sucks to have to wake up so early and then have someone come into your personal space. Have I mentioned lately how bad I want to get out of the barracks.

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