Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up - (Korea) Days 306 & 307

This weekend I didn't do a whole lot, and it was very nice. I was a little worn out from the Hyundai Tour. We were going non stop from morning until night. I just slept in both days, watched a lot of TV shows and video chatted with my wife. During the Hyundai Tour I didn't have my laptop, so I was pretty much cut off from everything…which is fine for short periods of time. I spent the weekend catching up with everything on Facebook, I did my laundry, worked on my Windows 7 SkillPorts, and worked out both days. I also took PV2 Charlie with me on the post shuttle to the commissary. He wanted to do a little shopping and hadn't been there yet, so I took him and showed him the ropes. Other than that there isn't a lot to talk about, so I'll keep this wrap-up short. Back to work tomorrow after having 5 days off is going to be tough. I may also have to plan a little extra time in the morning to shave my beard that I've been working on for these 5 days.

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