Monday, October 24, 2011

Bumped - (Korea) Day 329

A sign in our protocol office...LOL

Work call this morning was at 0830. Nice to have a normal work call especially on a Monday. I went to my office and checked my email. To my surprise I found that I've been bumped from the Windows 7 class I was scheduled for next week. I was actually looking forward to getting the Windows 7 certification. I had all my prerequisites finished and all signed up for the class on time. My mistake was choosing the last class, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to get everything done. There were a number of "higher priority" people that waited until the last minute and bumped everyone that had already registered a spot in the class totally out. Both myself and PFC Pickle were bumped. It's pretty stupid, but what can I do except…deal with it.

Me and PV2 Charlie headed over to our protocol office and he gathered some information from all the folks with email accounts for the upcoming mail migration. I installed some specialized drivers for a receipt printer and then we took off…mission complete.

Back in the office I watched some TV for a bit and then headed to my room for lunch and some video chatting with my wife. Once back at the office I picked up where I left off and watched some more TV. There wasn't a whole lot to do today.

At 1500 we were briefed on our new PT schedule. As of now we are supposed to leave at 1600 and do PT at the gym. The only reason we would stay is if there is a meeting we have to take care of. This is actually perfect because then I can miss the rush hour at the gym. I guess the battalion wants everyone to do PT together, but we had to get an exception to policy because of the meeting schedules we have to cater to. Part of the exception was that we would do our PT at 1600. Sounds good to me.

After the brief everyone left, but they asked me to retrieve a laptop that the command group borrowed from our office earlier. When I went up there they made me wait because it was in the commander's office. They were afraid of having anyone go in and get it and wanted to wait for their "commo" guy to get back and retrieve it. I told them that I was in fact a "commo" guy and it's not too hard to unplug a laptop and carry it out. That didn't persuade them, I guess they just couldn't trust a private even though I probably have more experience and certifications than their special "commo" sergeant. What a freakin' joke. I had to sit there and wait a half hour until their special sergeant came up and went in the commanders office to unplug the laptop and hand it to me.

After that incident I was finally able to leave. I headed to my room and changed, then headed to Trent Gym and had a good workout. Maybe I was taking out my frustrations on the weights…maybe that's how I can just deal with it.

I headed back to my room, had dinner, and watched CSI. I did my schoolwork and then watched some more TV shows (Falling Skies & Greys Anatomy). Time to turn in.

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