Thursday, October 20, 2011

Running In Circles - (Korea) Day 325

Work call was 0630 this morning. Another early morning, which also means we only did one "office" PT session so far this week…lol. Anyway…we had two KUBs that both started at 0800, but we had to have them setup completely by 0700. One was inside our conference room and the other was downstairs in a smaller conference room which was nice, we didn't have to go far. Once we had everything setup we all split to eat breakfast. I headed over to Starbucks to get my grande mocha. I headed back to our conference control room and drank it with my granola breakfast "to go" blend.

PV2 Charlie is still off on the cultural tour and our new KATUSA as well as SPC Mick had to leave to PMI after breakfast since they will be going to the range tomorrow. That left only me and our KATUSA, who's last day is tomorrow unfortunately. He is a great worker and will be missed. When I turned on the two PCs in our control room I found one had an error on it and we couldn't log in. Oh crap! I had our KATUSA run down and grab a laptop and I took the desktop and started imaging it right away. We were able to use the laptop until they took a break after about an hour and a half, then I was able to swap out the newly imaged desktop and the laptop…crises averted. We celebrated by eating some of the donuts they had out for the folks in the conference room.

I was called down to flip slides for our colonel's meeting with all the major deputies and XOs on post. I had to get everything setup and rush around getting enough seats in this small conference room. It ended up getting down to crunch time and almost got a little stressful…I say almost because I still have my switch flipped to "I don't give a shit mode".

After the meeting I helped our colonel with an email issue he was having, then went to lunch with Special K. Once back in the office I had to escort our new air force captain to get a security badge from our battalion. This was the first time I met the guy. The entire process to get this security badge has changed since I received mine unfortunately and there is no clear procedure on how to get it done. We've heard different stories from different people. The whole afternoon was a disaster with us just wasting time going from one place to another being told we need this special form or that special form or the same form with a different signature. We came back empty handed with a bunch of paperwork that I gave our security officer in our admin office. She was pissed because she just took the air force gal in her office over yesterday and they did it all for her with the same exact paperwork I had. What can I say…the army can be pretty stupid sometimes when it comes to paperwork.

When I got back I helped clean up the office and we left around 1715. Since I left work late, I wasn't going to chance heading to the gym. I tried a new alternate plan…I ate dinner in my room and watched a CSI: Miami (probably my least favorite TV series, but I have a crap load of them to watch…so they pass the time when I don't have any new shows). After the show I worked on my schoolwork and then ended up heading to Trent Gym at 1930. It wasn't all that bad, I think rush hour had passed at the gym. I had a great workout and then played around on my computer for a while before calling it a night.

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