Thursday, October 13, 2011

Deal With It - (Korea) Day 319

This morning we had to get up early for what we were told was going to be only a diagnostic PT run to test our 2-mile run times. We had to meet in Camp Coiner where we take the actual PT test, which is located about a 5 to 10 minute walk from our barracks. We found out that our NCOIC was not going to come, but instead put Special K in charge of conducting the test. She also decided to make it a full diagnostic test instead of just the run. This means we had to do the push-ups and sit-ups as well. I'm sure glad I ended up not working out last night!

Personally I was still in the "I Don't Give A Shit" mode. I had been stressed out over a lot lately and decided to "turn off" my caring mode in order to relieve some stress. When it was my turn for both push-ups and sit-ups I did the absolute minimum required for my age bracket, then got up and walked away. I was going to get the absolute slowest time possible on the run as well, but I wasn't wearing my watch. I guessed it and got a 17:50 which is actually pretty close (18:18). This gave me a "barely passing" score. The test is not worth anything and I have nothing to prove to anyone. In fact the only reason I'm still working out and trying to stay in decent shape is just to try and beat my previous score as a personal goal…but that will come later.

Unfortunately Special K and I were the only ones to actually pass the test. Everyone else failed at some portion of it. I knew this wouldn't be good once our NCOIC found out. We all headed back to the barracks and took our time getting ready for the 0900 work call. When I arrived to the office, I headed straight to our conference control room and watched some TV. I waited until about 0930 and then took my new and improved levy packet over to the company. The specialist at the company said all my paperwork was already turned in, so he didn't need any of the new stuff. I guess we'll see if it gets sent back or not. I've stopped caring too much about it and have accepted the fact that I'll just deal with whatever happens. The specialist said I would have to check with S1 to get my orders and should check in about a week or so.

When I got back we all headed to the conference room and Special K gave a class on Land Navigation/Map Reading. This is one of the new things our NCOIC is having us do, only when I had to do mine back during the exercise I only had to give it to our NCOIC and our KATUSA. Doing a class in front of more people and in the open conference room is a little different, but Special K did a decent job.

After his presentation is when our NCOIC talked to us about our pitiful scores on the diagnostic test this morning. Since Special K put in effort and had a decent score, she said he could have a day off in the future. She also said since I passed…barely, I could have a half day off. (Do I think this will ever happen… She then told everyone else that she was pretty disappointed. Now we are all going to have to start doing PT together everyday. We'll see how long this actually lasts. There seems to always be conflicts with meetings and such, which is why we have never been able to do this in the past. My prediction is that we will do it off and on for a couple weeks tops…we'll see.

After the meeting I did a little IMO work such as imaging a laptop for the new officer that will be coming to our office soon. I then helped Special K get through the email pre-migration checklist. After that I headed to lunch and video chatted with my wife.

Once back in the office I had to attend a mandatory IMO meeting. I took PV2 Charlie since he is going to be my replacement. I also took our admin IMO and she brought her new person as well who actually knows a little about computers. I drove everyone to the "Yongsan Training Facility" which is actually the movie theatre…lol. The meeting was a little frustrating because the people there were freakin' retarded. I couldn't believe these were IMOs from around post. The presenters went over a few subjects with the main portion concerning the upcoming email migration. People kept asking the same questions over and over again. These are supposed to be the technical personnel on post, but they were driving me nuts asking stupid questions that had just been asked and answered by the previous person. This made the meeting which was scheduled for 2 hours go for 2.5 hours.

By the time we got back to the office it was time to clean up and go. We got a quick safety brief from our NCOIC and then she turned us loose. I was also told that even though they signed me up to go to the Seoul Air Show next week, I can't go because there will be a number of people going to the range to qualify. No big deal, I was planning on going during the weekend, but oh wait…I also heard I may have to be a driver on the weekend to take the officers to the range. And if I do end up doing this not to worry because I'll get a day off in the future….yeah right! What am I gonna do? I'm gonna deal with it.

I headed to my room and ate dinner while watching Falling Skies. Then I did my schoolwork before taking a quick nap. When I got up I watched an NCIS: LA before turning in for good.

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